Thursday, 3 March 2011

Witch Skincare Bloggers Event

On Saturday 26th February I was privallaged to attend the Witch Skincare Bloggers Event in Soho, London. The event, aswell as being a chance for us bloggers to meet and mingle with one another, was to showcase their new line in anti-blemish make up, a celebration of "skindependance".

The range has been designed to let you lead the life you want to lead without worrying about the effects it will have on your skin, as explained to us at the beginning of the event by one of the team, Helen.

Why Witch Hazel?
Taken from the Witch site;

"For more than 40 years Witch has used witch hazel, natures clever ingredient. It naturally clenses, tones and soothes, leaving your skin perfectly balanced, soft and healthy looking. That's why we use it in our products."
"Witch products are suitable for most skin types, but it's on oily or combination skin that the power of witch hazel can prove particularly effective."

"Combination skin is very common - some areas of the face are oily, some are dry. Typically there is an abundance of shine in the T-zone, which is the forehead, nose and chin. This area is more likely to have excess oil due to larger, more active oil glands. The area around the cheeks, eyes and temples tends to be normal or even dry due to fewer and smaller oil glands. People with combination skin may find their concerns over oiliness and dryness can change based on the skin care and cosmetic products they use and also with the change of season. In winter normal or dry areas may become rough or flaky, while in summer the T-zone may become oily and shiny."

The theme of the day was "naughty & nice", getting a balance between healthy virtues and guilty pleasures. A healthy lifestyle means a balanced lifestyle, so we were offered healthy and not so healthy tempting treats.

Here you can see Nicola and I arriving at the event;

We were greeted by the lovely Lauren and Holly and this;


Celebrity make-up artist Nat Von Zee was on hand at the event to give a demonstration of all the new products, tips on the range and make up in general and of course answer any questions that we had.

Here is Nat doing the demo on Helen.

We were then set fee to lose ourselves in the various different goings on, from the treatment area, where you could have your make up done, manicures, get a massage, have raki done on you. There was also a palm reader on hand (do excuse the pun), knitting lessons, cookie decoration, Wii and a Poker masterclass..which I won! Not bad for my first time.


And on the naughtier side;


At the end of the event we were treated to a lesson in Burlesque and of course a nice goody bag, which I will be delving into in a later post.


After all the fun and games Nicola and I skipped home with our goody bags in hand and smiles on our faces from our lovely afternoon learning all about the Witch brand and the new products.

In the new range you can find:

* Redness Relief Moisturiser
* Skin Clearing Primer
* Tinted Moisturiser
* Pressed Powder

Massive thank you to all at Witch for laying on the event and I look forward to many more to come.


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