Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wardrobe Series: My Wardrobes

One of my most requested posts is always about my clothes, wardrobe and bedroom. So I am going to be doing a series of wardrobe posts. I thought the best way to start would be to take a sneak peek inside my wardrobes, and look at the way I store my clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Then once you have seen that, several posts will follow, the first one being, my fave pieces from my wardrobe.

So here goes, this is my double wardrobe...

Inside the first wardrobe...

Inside is organised into sections, so that I know where everything is, from left to right on the top rail we have...

Boyfriends shirts, my jackets/blazers, hoodies, cardigans, jumpers, sweaters, shirts, playsuits, daytime dresses.

And on the bottom rail we have trousers, skirts and shorts with shoes sitting on the bottom.

The second wardrobe...

Here are my going out/evening dresses and a basket with shoes in underneath.

On the shelves we have boyfriends tops, magazine files full of old Uni stuff, important documents etc, boyfriends baskets of socks and underware, my jeans and sweat pants, and boyfriends Timberlands and jeans.

On the top shelf I have some books and a storage box with various things in.

Over the one of the doors I have hooks and some of my jackets go here.

And just a close up of my Audrey Hepburn picture on my top shelf.

As well as my wardrobes, I also store clothes in a chest of drawers and in under the bed storage boxes. My chest of drawers has five large drawers, the first holds my socks, the second belongs to the boy, third is my leggings which are all pretty boring.

Here's whats in the fourth drawer...

My T-shirts, on the left we have every day tee's either plain, and on the right are my evening tee's.

Finally the fith drawer holds my vests...

So we have patterned vests, plain black and white vests in the middle and then plain coloured vests on the right.

I know, I know, I'm a Monica!

I hope you enjoyed having a little peak into my clothing collection, as I said there will be a whole series of wardrobe posts to come. Next up will be my top pieces, so look out for that.


H & M Hauling

Hi lovely ladies,

Apoligies for the lack of blogs this week. But I do have a few prepared for you, as in I've taken the pictures and I've written it out on paper, get me being super organised!

Anywoo for now, this is just a quick haul post of a few things I picked up in H&M last week.

Lady GaGa sunglasses vest, £7.99, striped tee, £5.99, nude lace jacket, £14.99, black studded oversized tee, £9.99, Lady GaGa tee, £12.99


Saturday, 14 August 2010

BLOG SALE: MAC, Urban Decay, Barry M, GOSH, Sally Hansen, No. 7

The Rules
1. If you want an item, just leave a comment saying what you'd like, along with your email addy so I can send you an email confirming.
2. I will only accept Paypal.
3. Please make payment within 24 hours, or I will give the item to the next person.
4. I will only ship to the UK.
5. Shipping is £2 and 50p for each additional item.
6. I won't accept returns.
:: MAC Eyeshadows ::
L-R: Satellite Dreams, Hush, Et Tu Bouquet, Ego, Falling Star
All £6
All in original boxes and all only ever been swatched, over 98% of product left
:: Lipsticks ::
MAC Pervette, usage as shown 98% of product remaining, £8
MAC Utterly Frivolous (Fafi) 75% remaining, £5
Barry M 129, 98% remaining, £2
Barry M 140, 98% remaining, £2
Urban Decay Purple Haze eyeshadow, only swatched, £4

Sally Hanson Lip Inflation Extream, used once, £1.50

::Barry M Dazzle Dusts ::

Pink 86, 90% remaining, £1
Baby Blue, 85% remaining, 80p
Pink 83, 95% remaining, £1
Baby Pink, 50% remaining, 50p
Dark blue, 50% remaining, 50p
Pink with blue undertone, 85% remaining, 80p

No. 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in no. 30 Almond, never used as it's too dark, £3

:: GOSH ::

Yum Yum palette, 85% remaining £3
Queen Bee dazzle dust, only ever swatched, £1

MAC Gilded White Powerpoint pencil, used 3 times, £2.50


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

OOTD: A Sunny Sunday Luncheon

Hello my lovlies,

So after the fun and frolic's of the Aussie event on Saturday night, I woke up absolutely famished. I was thrilled to see the sun had come out from behind the clouds, so I was able to get the pins out again!

My parents, the boy and I all went for lunch at a restaurant called Mama Rosa's, which is in a little place called Merton Abbey Mills. Merton Abbey Mills is really tucked away and it has lots of stalls, quaint little shops, two pubs, loads of food places, a bandstand and a river, you would never guess it was actually in London.

So we sat outside the restaurant, ate yummy food, looked over the river and listened to jazz music being played on the bandstand.

Here is the break down of what I wore...

Dress, Primark
Floral denim jacket, Primark
Eiffel Tower and Poodle necklace, Primark
Daisy ring & earrings, Primark...Are we spotting a trend here?!
Tan satchel, Next
Corsage sandals, River Island


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Aussie Colour Mate Party

The eagerly anticipated Aussie Colour Mate party took place on Saturday night. The Colour Mate tribe have patiently waited for our event, getting green eyed at all the other Aussie Tribes photographs and blog posts from their events that have been staggered throughout the year. But last, but not least, the day of our party finally arrived, and it was worth the wait!

So I got my glad rags on and headed off for destination, the Kingly Club, Soho.

I was allowed to bring two friends to party with me, I opted for just one, and of course that was my bestie, Nicola.

When we finally found the club, which is really tucked away in Kingly Court, picking up several bloggers on the way, we really did enter like a tribe! We were greeted by a table of Moet...

And of course, the lovely Emma.

After a few glasses of champers while we waited for other bloggers to arrive, we were joined by two very special guests.

Thats right ladies...Lady GaGa and Beyonce showed up to show their support for Aussie!

By now the party was getting in full swing, and we were mooching with all the other bloggers, having a natter.

Here I am with the lovely Milly, Claire, Ling and of course me & Nicola.

After an introduction from Emma, we had a demo and chat with two Aussie resident stylists Amber and Zara. The demonstrated a fish tail plait on Ling, and we all had a natter about any past hair disasters and shared any little tips.

After the demo, the stylists set up in the corner ready to pamper and style everyones hair, whilst we enjoyed our lovely cocktails and the entertainment Lady GaGa and Beyonce provided.

Here are the girls jotting down some tips for the tip boxes that were staggered about the event, which will later be made into an Aussie Style Bible for each of us to own.

If you would like to have a nosey at any more of the piccys, please do check out the Aussie flickr account here.

It was an excellent evening provided by Aussie yet again, and it was wonderful to meet all the beautiful bloggers. Massive appreciation to everyone at 1000 Heads, Aussie, The Kingly Club and of course GaGa and Beyonce!

We have love for Aussie..!

After everyone left, we were the last remaining, (true party animals, ha!) but I'll save those piccys for my Facebook!

We left just after midnight, swinging our little purple goodie bags as we trotted homeward bound after a truely brilliant night was had by all.