Thursday, 19 August 2010

H & M Hauling

Hi lovely ladies,

Apoligies for the lack of blogs this week. But I do have a few prepared for you, as in I've taken the pictures and I've written it out on paper, get me being super organised!

Anywoo for now, this is just a quick haul post of a few things I picked up in H&M last week.

Lady GaGa sunglasses vest, £7.99, striped tee, £5.99, nude lace jacket, £14.99, black studded oversized tee, £9.99, Lady GaGa tee, £12.99



  1. Yay love the Lady Gaga tops and the lace jacket.

  2. wow awesome haul! love all the stuff that you picked up!

  3. Argh, you've got me craving a H&M trip now!


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