Thursday, 5 August 2010

HAUL: Accessories

I've gone a bit accessory mad the week, for a good cause though...

It's the Aussie Colour Tribe Party on Saturday night, and you are meant to dress up as a celebrity who colours their hair.

For any one who doesn't know I'm an Aussie Angel, and as a treat they are putting a party on for us in Central London this weekend, where we'll get to meet other beauty bloggers, sip cocktails, have a boogie, and general good time.

I won't tell you what celeb I am going to dress like, I'll save that for the picture evidence. But here's some of the accessories I've bought for it, and some just because I liked them!

The first lot is just because I liked them...

Daisy ring, Primark, £2

Matching Daisy earrings, Primark, £2

Black dome ring, Primark, £1.50

Effiel Tower and Pink Poodle necklace, Primark, £1.50

The next few bits are for Saturdays party...I hope it doesn't give it away! Ha!

Swallow ring, New Look, £4.99

Multi charm necklace, New Look, £3

Corsage head band, New Look £3

Who do you think I'm going to be?!


  1. Look lovely , i dont know i'm so rubbish at these things x

  2. Love the rings you got from Primark!

  3. the ring from new look looks so good!! :)

  4. I love the daisy earings from Primark, lovely :) will have to have a looksie 2moro when I'm in town x

  5. I was going to say Pixie Lotte too!

  6. omg Love the primark daisy set.... running to primark now!!!!!

  7. Love the items from Primark, definitely need to pop there next week!


  8. I love the daisy ring, so cute :)

  9. Hey. The Aussie party was great wasn't it! I had so much fun. So lovely to met others bloggers - such as yourself!
    Can't wait to see your pictures!

    Christina x


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