Wednesday, 11 August 2010

OOTD: A Sunny Sunday Luncheon

Hello my lovlies,

So after the fun and frolic's of the Aussie event on Saturday night, I woke up absolutely famished. I was thrilled to see the sun had come out from behind the clouds, so I was able to get the pins out again!

My parents, the boy and I all went for lunch at a restaurant called Mama Rosa's, which is in a little place called Merton Abbey Mills. Merton Abbey Mills is really tucked away and it has lots of stalls, quaint little shops, two pubs, loads of food places, a bandstand and a river, you would never guess it was actually in London.

So we sat outside the restaurant, ate yummy food, looked over the river and listened to jazz music being played on the bandstand.

Here is the break down of what I wore...

Dress, Primark
Floral denim jacket, Primark
Eiffel Tower and Poodle necklace, Primark
Daisy ring & earrings, Primark...Are we spotting a trend here?!
Tan satchel, Next
Corsage sandals, River Island



  1. I love that bag!! Is it a recent buy?

  2. I adore your bag and the nail colour, what polish is it.

  3. Love your outfit working it.. Is you jacket a recent buy?

  4. cute outfit! love the nail color!

  5. @Jennie, thank you! x

    @Alison, yes, I only got it last week x

    @Helen, I'm not too sure hun, I got them done at the salon, when I go back I will try to find out x

    @Maureen, Yup, I only got it last week, love it! x

    @Ashley, thank you x

  6. I love that satchel! I'm so jealous that you UKers have Primark, River Island, New Look, and Next! All us girls across the pond have is F21 and Wetseal if we wanted cheap and affordable trendy fashion. I would hardly call H&M cheap anymore. They used to be so much cheaper when they were only available in New York City about 10 years ago!


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