Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fashion: Banishing Winter From My Wardrobe



It's official, last Friday I banished Winter from my wardrobe, packing away my thick, winter jumpers into storage in favour of colourful florals and pretty Summer dresses. Maybe a bit premature - the typical Brit in me see's a bit of sunshine and thinks "Summer is here", when in reality we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be. (And now, almost a week later, we're back to cold and miserable.)

I was bored and sick of looking at boring, drab colours in my wardrobe, so I switched it all round. This doesn't mean I will be doning my summer dresses and flip flops just yet, although I have a great desire to, I will wait until it is a more appropriate time of year. However, in this transitional period, I will no longer be wearing jumpers (not that I really wear them much in winter anyway - I am more of a top and cardigan kinda gal), instead I will be bringing a bit of Spring into my Winter wardrobe. The key to wearing Spring items when it's still a bit chilly outside is of course, layering. Cardigans, blazers, tights and leggings are your new best friends.




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