Saturday, 12 March 2011

Collection Series: MAC Eyeshadow


As promised in my last blog - my MAC eyeshadow collection post. Shamefully, I don't use nearly half of these eyeshadows. The problem is, I've found a colour that I truely love, and I wear it every single day with other colours to compliment it. Trouble is, it's a limited edition colour. So now I have to turn to Ebay. *sigh*


So here we have my neutral pallett. It was full up before, but I decided to take the "not so neutrals" out and put them into a quad. The majority of eyeshadows contained in this pallett are the ones I reach for the most out of all the MAC eyeshadows I have.

  • Dazzlelight;; neutral with silver/copper reflects.
  • Retrospek;; bare champagne shimmer.
  • All That Glitters;; midtone beige with gold reflects.
  • Style Snob;; Discontionued from the "Love That Look" collection;; dirty pink/brown with gold pearl.
  • Honey Lust;;bronzed dipped peach.
  • Woodwinked;; warm antiqued gold.
  • Satin Taupe;; taupe brown with silvery bronze.
  • Tempting;; Sinfully rich coco.
  • Sable;; muted golden plum brown with bronze shimmer.
  • Twinks;; dirty plum with gold reflects.


Here in this quad are the darker colours I own, the backened/smokey eye kind of colours. I very occassionally will go for a touch of Beauty Marked or Black Tied in a look, but these aren't used very often

  • Smoke & Diamonds;; Discontionued from the "Love That Look" collection;; dirty dark grey.
  • Top Knot;; Discontinued from the "Blonde, Brunette, Redhead" collection;; deep black purple with multi reflects.
  • Beauty Marked;; a deep blackened red with sparkle twighlight effect.
  • Black Tied;; a midnight black with a silver white sparkle.


  • Grand Entrance;; absolute favourite eyeshadow, EVERRR! Discontinued from the "Love That Look" collection;; cool apricot beige.
  • Ego;; Discontinued from the "Starflash" collection;; baby pink with frost shimmer. (I never use this.
  • Et Tu Bouquet?;; Discontinued from the "A Rose Romance" collection;; soft frosted pink.
  • Hush;; Soft peach duochrome with pink opalescent shimmer.
  • Femme Fi;; Discontinued from the "Neo Sci-fi" & "Blonde, Brunette, Redhead" collection;; frosty golden cream.


  • Love Stone;; Discontinued from the "Flashtronic" collection;; Mineralised plum.
  • Glamour Check;; Discontinued from the "Love That Look" collection;; reddish brown.
  • Falling Star;; rich reddish brown.
  • Star Violet;; earth touched, pinky brown plum fusion.
  • Bold & Brazen;; Discontinued from the "Love Lace" collection;; soft copper.


  • Cork;; muted golden brown.
  • Mulch;; intense golden reddish brown flecked with golden bronze shimmer.
  • Hypnotizing;; Discontinued from the "Love Lace" collection;; frosted grey mauve.


  • Satellite Dreams;; dirty deep plum with violet/blue reflects.

So that's it, that's my collection...and my top five?

Grand Entrance, Woodwinked, Sable, Twinks & Satin Taupe.

I hope you enjoyed my MAC collection and that it heped if you are looking into getting any eyeshadows yourselves.



  1. Wow, you have a lovely collection :)
    I just recently bought a 15 palette and am looking what to fill it with and this has helped loads!
    - beth x

  2. I really want Woodwinked and Style Snob in my collection. I've hardly bought into their eyeshadows yet! xxx


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