Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Witch Goody Bag


As you may know if you saw my Witch Event post, at the end of the evening we were all given goody bags before we skipped our merry ways home. As promised, this is my post on what we got given, and I'm warning you know, they were very, very generous!


Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer

Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer is designed to help prepare your skin for foundation by mattifying and absorbing excess oils, providing a smooth, silky base that helps you achieve an even and long lasting finish with any foundation or powder. Added to this, the Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer also helps prevent and target blemishes by protecting skin from the layers of makeup which can cause or aggravate blemishes.

  • Helps prevent and target blemishes
  • Mattifies and absorbs excess oil

Can be used alone or under your favourite foundation or powder


Anti-blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser

Witch Anti-blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser with antibacterial actives targets spots and breakouts while relieving and defending against redness. Its green tint balances redness on the skin to even tone; skin soothing ingredients help calm the skin irritation and sensitivity that can cause redness. Free from artificial fragrance and colour, this gentle formula is ideal for oily/combination skin.

  • Helps target blemishes
  • Balances redness
  • Soothes the skin

Anti-blemish Tinted Moisturiser

Witch Anti-blemish Tinted Moisturiser is available in three shades, light, medium and dark. Formulated for oily/combination skin it mattifies skin, helping to control shine and target spots and breakouts. Providing medium coverage and moisturisation, it eliminates the need for both a moisturiser and foundation.

  • Helps prevent and target blemishes
  • Mattifies and controls shine
  • Medium coverage for natural looking complexion

Anti-blemish Pressed Powder

Witch Anti-blemish Pressed Powder helps target spots and breakouts by absorbing excess oils and controlling shine. It is designed to give a natural medium coverage of imperfections and to visibly refine pores, giving an even skin tone. Antibacterial actives help clarify the skin.
Translucent shade gives medium coverage suitable for most skin tones

  • Helps prevent and conceal blemishes
  • Absorbs excess oils and controls shine


Cleansing & Toning Wipes

Witch Cleansing & Toning Wipes are quick and easy to use and ideal for people on the go. With extract of natural witch hazel, the soft wipes provide convenient cleansing leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean wherever, whenever!

  • Cleans skin and helps tighten pores
  • Quickly removes make-up and dirt



Anyone who needs a cosmetic product that hides blemishes while also combating the cause of spots will find Witch Concealer the perfect solution. It’s easy to use either alone or under foundation and contains natural tea tree and witch hazel.

  • Covers and fights blemishes
  • For clear looking skin instantly


Blemish Pen

The NEW Witch Blemish Pen is THE handbag must-have miracle for beating breakouts! Easy and convenient to use with a gel formulation and brush applicator, simply apply the medicated gel to blemishes as often as required and allow the natural witch hazel to do its work!

  • Visibly reduces spots and redness in just 2 hours
  • Easy & convenient to use


Blemish Stick

The ultimate in blemish control, Witch Blemish Stick helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots. Simply dab on as often as required, preferably as soon as blemishes start to appear.

  • Fights the bacteria that causes spots
  • Gets to work instantly


Gental Exfoliating Face Wash

Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash contains tiny micro granules that gradually break down to penetrate and deeply cleanse pores, helping to remove dead skin cells and trapped dirt. It will leave your skin feeling really clean, soft and smooth.

  • Tiny micro-granules deep cleanse pores
  • Leaves skin clear and smooth

All words


See I told you it was a lot of goodies!

All Witch products are priced between £4.99 and £6.99 which is outstanding value for money.



  1. Thanks lots for this post, it's really helpful! I love the idea of the Blemish Stick. My skin has been awful lately and it'd be handy to have in my bag and use it on the go :) xxx

  2. I keep breaking out during assessment time at uni. Perhaps I should stalk ujp on these bad boys xxx


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