Friday, 25 March 2011

OOTD: Just Another day at the Office

Please do excuse the fact that these pictures was a) taken on my Blackberry. b) a mirror shot. And c) snapped in the ladies in my office. I would love to be able to snap away pictures of the outfit to post on my blog in the mornings but i seem to have no decent areas in my house to take some self timed shots, and plus I'm always stepping into my heels and running out of the door faster than I can say "CHEESE".

Saying that, now that Spring is upon us, I will hopefully be able to get some nice outdoorsy outfit posts up for you. I'm making a solemn promise here that there will be more decent outfit posts in the near future. AMEN.

But in the mean time, here ya go...

Blazer;; Primark
Vest; Tu @ Sainsburys
Crochet shirt;; Next
Tights;; Primark
Sling back shoes;; Next
Leaf necklace;; Accessorize
Scarf;; Alexander McQueen
Bracelets;; Tiffany & Thomas Sabo
Rings;; ASOS & Swag


  1. well get you office lady ;)
    loving the scarf, like how it brings a little colour in there too

  2. Nice outfit, I'd like to see more ootds! You have inspired me to wear my blazer to work today rather than my winter coat :) x

  3. Your Blackberry actually has good quality! Mine isn't that great :/ I like your ring, by the way :)


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