Monday, 7 March 2011

A Collective Fashion Haul...

I was sitting here on this bright sunny day wondering what I could blog about, when I realised that I hadn't done a haul for a while. To be honest I was trying to steer clear of them, because I didn't want my blog to be about hauls, hauls, hauls. But as I haven't done one in a few months, I thought why not do a collective haul of some of the things I have picked up in the last month or so.
A collective haul once in a while is better than one a week, right?
So as I said, here are just some of the items I have picked up over the last month or more, I'll try and be as acurate as I can with the prices, but as I've had some of the things for quite a while, I might not remember some.
Also, please take into consideration that I have just got a brand spanking new job (YAY!), so a few of the items are for work purposes and the rest is lesuire.
Dresses; Lipsy, £55 & £65

Blouse; Primark, £10ish & Waterfall jacket; Primark, £8
Playsuits; Primark, £5 each
Wrap over dress; New Look, £7 in the sale. Blouse; New Look, £24.99
Hoodie; Superdry, £45

Flip flops; Kurt Geiger, £20

Dress; Dorothy Perkins, £30

Dress, ASOS, £18 in the sale.


  1. Great haul!! Love the nude Lipsy Dress and the Primark Playsuits.

    Sadie x

  2. Omg how cute are your KG flip flops?! Might have to get me some of those.

  3. First of all congratultions on the new job! I'm so excited for you :) Well done!!

    Secondly, have you got a new camera? Love how clear these pictures are.

    I love the Geiger shoes, they're rather immense! Just a word of warning though.. I had a pair of jelly flipflops (with just a toe post) like these and as soon as they got wet around the pool, I had a really hard time keeping my foot in them. Haha!


  4. @Sadie, thank you! Me too! Xx

    @Alison, they come in a variety of colours :) Xx

    @Lauren, Thank you gorgeous, very, very excited myself! Yes, I did get a new camera for Christmas, still just a little hand held digital one, but it is a 14mp. My Dad got a digital SLR for Christmas, so I may steal it soon for some blog posts!

    Annnnddd I had the same experience with jelly sandals when I was in Egypt a couple of years ago, so will be careful not to get these babies wet! Xx

  5. I would love to see a photo of you wearing that blue dress. I'm looking at the cream one for my May Ball but don't know whether to buy it! x

  6. Just realised that may be confusing as you also have a cream dress in the post. I'm looking at the blue design in a cream shade for my May Ball* haha x

  7. You got some lovely bits! xxx

  8. oh my gosh! How many pretty things do you want to put in front of me at one time! LOVE it all, hope we're going to see some OOTD's showing them :) please

  9. Ahh you got some beautiful pieces! Those flip flops are so cute! xo

  10. @Louise, will try and take a picutre soon of me wearing the dress. Was saving it for a few months for my boyfriends birthday, but I can easily slip it on one day for you. Xx

    @Jo, thanks, I love them :) Xx

    @Steph, haha, sorry! Will def do some outfits of the day :) Xx

  11. @Jennie, thanks, I love them, can't wait for the sun to come out so I can wear them! Xx

  12. whoaaa soooo cute! I really like that pink blouse with the black and gold buttons! sooo classy :) And those pink sandals with the bow on the side are just drop dead gorgeous!!! @_@


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