Saturday, 29 August 2009

He spoils me...

I have the best boyfriend...

Me being a geek with the bunch of gorgeous flowers the boyfriend brought home for me. They include huge pink lily's (my fave) and pink roses <3

Insert Links Of London bag <3

Star charm for my bracelet

A few more of the lily's have opened up now, and they are hugeee and look truly beautiful. Once they are all opened, I take another picture to show you!

I can't believe how much he spoils me, the silly boy, wasn't expecting that at all as it's my birthday in two weeks! 



  1. How adorable! He could give my boyfriend a few lessons! Haha xxx

  2. What a gorgeous gorgeous present! Lucky girl! I adore Links of London :)

  3. i love getting flowers. although it doesn't happen very often. :( but that's so sweet of him.

  4. Ahh bless him.. he needs to have words with ant!!! lol xxx


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