Thursday, 13 August 2009

I went shopping...again.

Hey ladies,

Yes as the title says, I went shopping today, and I got quite a bit. 


Black & Grey scarf. I love H&M scarves, they do such lovely ones for just £9.99 I got a gorgeous scarf there last year too, which was cream and gold. Love them! I'm actually looking forward to winter, just for the fashion, when we can start layering up with nice scarves and cardis :)

Purple basic cap sleeve dress, can be worn now, or even throughout winter with thick black tights.

 I saw these shorts and I had to have them, they are SO cute! I can't wait to go on holiday and wear these :) 

Two vest dresses and a pair of ankle length leggings for winter as I only own 3/4 length ones. 

1920's Charleston style dress. This dress is really unusual, and more expensive than the usual H&M clothing, but It's lovely so I bought it anyway. 


Scull and crossbones oversized vest, striped boob tube dress & purple vest dress.


Wet look long vest.

Black/blue/grey hidden platform shoes. 


Jewellery box with several compartments, perfect for all my cocktail rings :)


Lastly, I took a dress back to Primark, and got some accessories instead. Two sets of disc earrings the black and gold pair were £2, and the gold pair were £1. Both cocktail rings were £2 and the blue pearl set was £3.

I haven't really put any of the prices of the clothes, but if you would like me to in future, or want to know how much anything was, feel free to drop me a comment.



  1. Wow, thats some serious shopping - I love that 1920's dress - so pretty. And the marks and spencer jewellery box is so cute!


  2. What a haul!! Love everything you got!! xXx

  3. Those shoes are sooo cute! :))

  4. Great haull.. I guess I need one of those jewelery box! Charleston dress looks soo classy ohh and looove the shoes :D great stuff xx

  5. @Cat I love the dress too, but I have to take it back tomorrow, some of the beads have come off, this would put most off of the dress, but me I will just be picking up a new one! :)

    @hazeleyes thanks hun, :)

    @Sugar Aren't they? I love them, started trying to break them in around the house tonight, they started to hurt, so I gave up. But they are still pretty!

    @Dila The jewellery box is so cute, I love it. And I agree, the dress is really classy, can't wait to wear it out to a fancy dinner :)


  6. charlston dress on saturday? I THINK SO.
    i hear the shoes from work, i want them in pink. x

  7. @Winny yes that was the plan to wear that dress, but I need to take it back tomorrow cos some of the beads right at the front have come off, the stitching was loose and they all just came off. I'm hoping they'll have a size 10 left, cos there was only about three of them left today. Do the shoes come in pink?! xx

  8. yes the shoes do, or there are stupidly similar. so excited, i may follow suit and wear teh dress i wore to oceana for your 21st, thats kinda 30's ish.


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