Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Green Thing - Kate Moss Animated Video

Hi guys,

Kaydine over at Mission Media found my blog and emailed me about a project she's currently working on for Green Thing. Kaydine says, "Green Thing is a public service which inspires people to lead a greener life, using videos and creative stories. They have created an interactive animated video of Kate Moss to inspire people to stick with what they've got - in other words, recycle your clothes, don't always buy new ones. This is a great motto for fashion shoppers"! 

Check out the video here: 

Do any of you recycle your clothes, or modify them in any way? It's a good idea and a great way to get some one off customised pieces! So next time you go shopping, have a think about what is already lurking right at the back of your wardrobe!


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