Saturday, 5 September 2009

Westfield Haul

As I sit here on my sofa, wrapped up in a tracksuit and blanket feeling lousy...I came down with a mystery illness yesterday, which means I have been throwing up anything I eat, and couldn't get up to London tody for the Aussie Hair Care event, so I figured I would post up a few items I got at London Westfield in the week. 

Grey dome ring, Dorothy Perkins, Swallow earrings, Topshop, Blue ring, Oasis, this ring was marked up £8, so I was delighted when I got to the till and it was reduced to £3.20 It's the perfect accompaniment to the dress I'm wearing next week on my birthday.

Also from Topshop, I got this denim shirt 
This longline shirt from New Look
And this laddered knit tunic from Warehouse

Hope everyone's having a great weekend, sorry for the lack of enthusiasm in this post, I'm feeling pretty crappy. Anyways, I'm off to watch X Factor and try and hold down a take away.



  1. Lovely purchases :)

    Feel better soon! xx

  2. Aww those earing are soo cute :) I hope you feel better soon! xxx

  3. love the birds! <3


  4. I have the Topshop shirt and the swallow earrings in gold.
    You have great taste! haha x


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