Thursday, 24 September 2009

Hair Scare!

Hi Girls,

So on Tuesday I had a bit of a hair trauma, I was getting ready for work, blowdrying the underneath of my hair when suddenly a load of it snapped off in my hand! I started panicing, and running my fingers through the hair and there were strands coming out. Straight away I called the hairdresser telling her that my hair was breaking, and ever since was worrying that I'd have to have it cut really short as it broke quite high up.

So this morning the hairdresser came, looked at my hair, and once I told her that there was a burning smell after I turned off the hair dryer, she said all I've done is put the hairdryer on my hair for too long and I've burnt my hair. So panic over, I'm not losing my hair! She did say however that for my hair to have done that my ends are very weak, and that I'm going to need to get a heavy duty treatment, and treat it once a week over night. So thank god all she had to do today was give me a trim. It looks fairly shorter, because she had to really go to town with my layers in order to get rid of all my ends.

This was the finished result:

I'm quite happy with the length it is because it means I can now use my 12 inch extensions, as before they were pointless because they were the same length as my hair. So I pulled them out and clipped them in, and this is me with extensions:

So very happy I have healthier ends AND I can use my extensions. Good times.



  1. your hair is still gorgeous =)

  2. Looks great, I love hair extensions more than ever now after getting 10 inches cut off my hair I went from uber long to uber short :)

  3. your hair looks great!

  4. Phew, at least you got it sorted though!

  5. @C. Awww, thank you! You're always so sweet! <3

    @Cupcake Couture thank you hun x

    @Kerry wow that was very brave of you! x

    @Briar Dawson thank you very much x

    @Lauren Phew indeed! Glad I wasn't losing my hair! x


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