Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Fashion Brand Launch - Fashion Union

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Fashion Union's press day a few weeks ago which took place in Covent Garden, London. Fashion Union is a new label, which has officially launched online and they state that their site "offers a vibrant range of catwalk classics for fashionistas with a credit crunch budget". Their website is supported by a style guide, which they send out to their customers, much like popular fashion website ASOS do. However, the Fashion Union style guide/catalogue (which I did receive a copy of on the day) is 164 pages long and packed to the brim with all their products and photoshoots showcasing their products. 

For their Autumn 09 style guide all the shots were taken in New York and there is some great imagery. I love the fact that the stlye guide isn't full of advertisements, infact it doesn't have any, the whole thing is dedicated to the brand. The mix of the style guide and the stylish website makes Fashion Union a really accessible stop for this seasons top trends.

Chosen for her unique, evolving style, Louise Redknapp (who is lovely by the way, my parents know her) has been chosen as the brands ambassador. On the brand, Louise says, "I love the mix of styles and trends Fashion Union offers. Designer labels are great but it's the fast fashion that really lets you have some fun with your look. I'll definitely need to treble my wardrobe space, the collections look great!" 

Fashion Union's products includes all the Autumn/Winter 09/10 catwalk trends including Country Girl with chunky knits, frayed scarves and wellies. Lady Luxe with belted dressess, box jackets and pencil skirts. Punk Princess with leather jackets, studded belts and wet look leggings. And Sassy Stateside with sequin jackets and dresses. 

Part of the Visage group, who produce collections for ASOS, New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Next, Fashion Unions Autumn/Winter collection price points range from £5 - £59, which is a really great and inexpensive price range, with one of their moto's in their style guide being "dress for less in the union". 

I got to view some of their collection, and here's just a few of my favourite pieces:

Purple double breasted trench coat, also comes in black, stone or red, £49

Leona top, sequin and beaded top in beautiful delicate georgette, black, wine, teal or ivory, £30

This top is a complete bargain when you bare in mind all the sequins and beads, and for the past couple of seasons, French Connection has has a dress that is practically identical to this top, which is selling for over £100

Virginia overshirt, pin striped, long roll up sleeves with tab, £28

And finally, the Ferrara dress, with a fully sequined front and detachable straps, £59

These are just a really small selection of items I liked, from the samples that were there on the day, there are so many more on the website, so check it out, for all the latest trends at seriously affordable prices.

Fashion Union Press Day - Personal Experience

Hi ladies,

So a few weeks ago I got invited to the Fashion Union press day in Covent Garden, for those of you that don't know Fashion Union is an up and coming fashion website. I have only been able to post about it now because the story was embargoed until the 29th Sept (today). I will be filling you in all about it in my next post, but for this one I just thought I'd show you what I wore, and what I got.


I wore:
Cream Petal top, Topshop
Grey boyfriend blazer, River Island
Grey/Black scarf, H&M
Blue patch skinny jeans, River Island
Cream & gold studded pumps, River Island
Bead bracelet, Tiffany
Watch, Guess
Bag, Guess

When I arrived, I was greeted by the lovely intern, had a chat with some of the guys behind fashion union and got to browse through the collection (more about that in the next post), once I'd looked through, I picked out some of my fave pieces and asked the guys to email me the high res files for me to publish for you all to have a look at. 

I then got my hands on one of the GORGEOUS cupcakes I'd spied on the table as I walked in, how pretty is this?

And on my departure was given a goody bag containing Fashion Union products. I got a black across body bag, frilly umbrella, a leopard print pashmina, a Fashion Union catalogue, a press release and a 35% press discount.

Just thought I'd share a bit of personal experience from the day, and look out for my next update with all the pressy stuff. 


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Hair Scare!

Hi Girls,

So on Tuesday I had a bit of a hair trauma, I was getting ready for work, blowdrying the underneath of my hair when suddenly a load of it snapped off in my hand! I started panicing, and running my fingers through the hair and there were strands coming out. Straight away I called the hairdresser telling her that my hair was breaking, and ever since was worrying that I'd have to have it cut really short as it broke quite high up.

So this morning the hairdresser came, looked at my hair, and once I told her that there was a burning smell after I turned off the hair dryer, she said all I've done is put the hairdryer on my hair for too long and I've burnt my hair. So panic over, I'm not losing my hair! She did say however that for my hair to have done that my ends are very weak, and that I'm going to need to get a heavy duty treatment, and treat it once a week over night. So thank god all she had to do today was give me a trim. It looks fairly shorter, because she had to really go to town with my layers in order to get rid of all my ends.

This was the finished result:

I'm quite happy with the length it is because it means I can now use my 12 inch extensions, as before they were pointless because they were the same length as my hair. So I pulled them out and clipped them in, and this is me with extensions:

So very happy I have healthier ends AND I can use my extensions. Good times.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Modest Haul & My First MAC Palette


I just popped into town as I wanted to check out the La Senza sale, which didn't have a lot really, I managed to get two of the things I wanted, which were both half price, a Grumpy but Gorgeous pyjama set reduced to £7.50 and a black silky chemise, which was down to a fiver. 

I then popped in to Boots on the off chance they had the L'Oreal colour sensation lipsticks, I was doubtful as it was a smaller one compared the one opposite where I work, and they haven't had them in. However, to my surprise, they had them. So finally, all be it a little late, I present Ambre Rose...

I then went in to Superdrug with intent to just browse and buy a drink, but I started looking at the Barry M stuff, and I've been debating over whether to get the 129 lip paint (the lilac one if you didn't know) for months. I finally gave in and bought it, however It comes out really, really lilac on my lips, and from some of the swatches I've seen on some of the other ladies blogs, it is a lot more toned down on others, so any tips on what I can team it with?? I also picked up the lip wand in number 4, I had to get it just for the smell, it's gorgeous! It's a milky pink colour and it smells like strawberry yoghurt or the strawberry body lotion from the Body Shop.

Next on to the MAC bits, I got Well Dressed blush, I've recently got into wearing blush, as I never bothered before, and I thought Well Dressed would be a good starter. I've been using it sparingly on the apples of my cheeks, and it's lovely, gives me a nice healthy glow. I also got two eye shadows, which I have already de-potted, Beauty Marked (left) and Black Tied (right), I wasn't expecting Beauty Marked to be so black, but I'm sure I'll still be able to make it work! 

Buying two eyeshadows leads me on to my first finished palette which I only had two slots to fill, so yay! I was never going to start depotting, buy then all the eyeshadows started taking up a hell of a lot of room in my make up drawer, so it makes more sense for me to have them all in a palette. So here it is, in all its glory...

Top row (L-R) Dazzlelight, Grand Entrance (from the Love That Look collection and one of my very favourites) Tempting, Sable, Beauty Marked
Middle row (L-R) Retrospeck, Woodwinked, Honey Lust, Style Snob, Top Knot
Bottom row (L-R) All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, Twinks, Smoke & Diamonds, Black Tied
So pretty :)


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Feeling Blue

As featured by many of the leading designers, I'm loving blue for the winter, it's a tone down from the corals, oranges and yellows I was sporting throughout what we had of the summer. Blue is still a nice "pop" of colour for those chilly winter days/nights. 

From nail polish (yes my tootsies are Blue Monday 547 by GOSH right now), to shoes to body con dresses (I just got a great 3/4 length sleeve one from H&M), it's all about moody blues. Whether it be navy, powder blue or teal, it's going to be big this season. 

I love this Stella McCartney dress seen on the Autumn/Winter 09/10 catwalks. It's typical McCartney, pretty and feminine thanks to the soft mix of chiffon and silk fabrics.

Image credit; Vogue

And doesn't Lauren Conrad look fabulous in this simple blue number, and if you like the belt New Look do almost identical ones for the bargain price of £6!

Here are just a selection of some the many great blues hitting the www.asos.com for the Autumn/Winter:

Vero Moda @ ASOS, Boyfriend Blazer, £30

Pintuck Mac, £45

Motel Sailer Boyfriend Cardi, £40

Slouchy off-the-shoulder knitted top, £20

Pleat detail tulip skirt, £25

Forever Unique @ ASOS, sequin one shouldered evening dress, £150

Bow top, £16

My fave has to be that navy boyfriend blazer. Will you be investing in some blue this season? 


Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Weekend's Outfits


Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend.

Saturday; dinner and drinks with the boy

Blazer, Topshop
Black vest, H&M
Grey skull vest, Warehouse
Black skinny jeans, Primark
Moc crock platform shoes, Oasis
Leaf necklace, Accessorize
Bead bracelet, Tiffany & Co
Sweetie bracelet, Links of London
Grey dome ring, Dorothy Perkins
Bag, Guess

Lazy Sunday face and outfit

Denim shirt, Topshop
Blue longline vest, H&M
Leggings, Next
Gold disc belt, New Look
Gold flip flops, Office
Earrings, Primark
Boyfriend being silly behind me, Mine :)


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Birthday OOTD

So, you all remember the debate on my blog a while back about which Lipsy dress I was going to wear, the cream or the blue..? Well I chose the blue in the end...


The Birthday Post

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is well, as I said in my last post I've been really busy for the past week or so, and had my birthday over the weekend (the 12th), so there has been lots going on. I've just got back from a press day (more about that in the next post), so I've got a bit of spare time before the boyfriend gets home, and we have dinner etc etc, so I thought I would share with you all the goodies that I was given for my birthday, warning...I was well and truely spoilt, I was overwhelmed by all I got, so here goes...

From my parents:

River Island boyfriend blazer.

Five MAC eyeshadows in Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Grand Entrance, Style Snob & Sable
Black French Connection dress, Gold Office heels, River Island Flats, River Island heart shaped clutch, various jewellery & trinkets.

GORGEOUS Guess patent moc croc handbag, Patent French Connection handbag, GHD Rare stylers, underware, pyjamas and a River Island cardi.

From My boyfriend, Jack:

Jack got me the beaded Tiffany's necklace and my parents got me the matching bracelet, and he got me tickets for a long weekend away...can you guess where he's taking me?!

All I have to say is, the boy did good!

The following are from my best friend, she decided to get me 23 presents in representation of my 23rd birthday!

Various underware, make up, home made CD's, a DVD, socks, hat, jewellery, waist belt, perfume bottle, make-up bag & yes, she got me two can's of diet coke!

Yes, she drew me a picture!

And finally a lovely Marilyn top.

Next up presents from Jack's Mum, two of my best friends, my aunt & my cousin:
I got some brilliant presents, and am really thankful to everyone who made such an effort, I love them all lots!


Monday, 14 September 2009

Quick Update

Hi girls,

I've been so busy, it was my birthday on Saturday and there were four days of events, so needless to say I'm bloody shattered.

But I will hopefully do a proper update about my birthday, including everything I got given (and boy was I spoilt!) for you later this week, as I'm working tomorrow, having dinner at the in-laws and have a press conference to attend on Wednesday for a new fashion line, which I will also do a write up about. So busy, busy, busy!

Until then my lovelies, have a fab week.


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Countdown to my birthday celebrations...

Nails. Check.
Fake tan. Check.
Dress. Check.
Shoes. Check.
Bag. Check.
Buy hair extensions. Check.
Sew clips into extensions. Check
Buy ridiculous amounts of alcohol. Check.
Buy cake. Check.
Make garden pretty for the BBQ. Check.



Saturday, 5 September 2009

Westfield Haul

As I sit here on my sofa, wrapped up in a tracksuit and blanket feeling lousy...I came down with a mystery illness yesterday, which means I have been throwing up anything I eat, and couldn't get up to London tody for the Aussie Hair Care event, so I figured I would post up a few items I got at London Westfield in the week. 

Grey dome ring, Dorothy Perkins, Swallow earrings, Topshop, Blue ring, Oasis, this ring was marked up £8, so I was delighted when I got to the till and it was reduced to £3.20 It's the perfect accompaniment to the dress I'm wearing next week on my birthday.

Also from Topshop, I got this denim shirt 
This longline shirt from New Look
And this laddered knit tunic from Warehouse

Hope everyone's having a great weekend, sorry for the lack of enthusiasm in this post, I'm feeling pretty crappy. Anyways, I'm off to watch X Factor and try and hold down a take away.