Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dresses to Impress

Is it terrible that I buy things two and a half months in advance? Sometimes longer actually, for instance, I got my graduation dress 6 months in advance. I'm a great believer that when you see something you like you should just buy it. I realise this may be seen as impulsive, but there have been so many times when I've got home, thought about it, decided I want it, gone back and it's gone, never to be seen again. So impulsive, yes. Happy, yes. 

Today my lovely mum bought me my birthday dress. (My birthday is September, by the way). We were shopping with the intent to get Jack's birthday present in House of Fraser and walked past the Lipsy section and this dress grabbed my eye. 

Image taken from the Lipsy website

As soon as I saw it Mum mentioned that I could wear it on my birthday and the idea then became fixed in my head. I tried it on, and it looked gorgeous! It's so unusual, I love it, so we got it. I had a feeling it came in a coral colour (a copy of the dress Cheryl Cole wore on an episode of X Factor), and since I've been home, I checked the website, and it's actually pink. It's lovely as well and the stones are all different shades of pink, but a pink dress? I'm not sure. I don't want to look like Barbie's brunette sister. I made the mistake of wearing a bright pink dress a year ago on my best friends 21st, only difference is I was blonde then! It also comes in blue which is really nice too. 

What do you guys think? Did I make the right decision, or do you prefer the pink? Or the blue? Saying that the cream is more classic, so I can get better use out of it, right? I'm seriously trying to convince myself now, can you tell?

Anyway, the pink wouldn't go with the shoes I got. Naturally, I had to buy shoes to go with it, so I got these babies! <3

While we're on the subject of dresses, the one I bought on Monday night arrived today. 

 I got it for Jack's birthday. It's by Motel and I got it from ASOS, it was £35 which is a bargain for a dress. I love Motel dresses, but this is my first one :)

Today I also got a dress in French Connection and a white oversized drop arm vest and some loungewear from Pineapple.

To update on the St. Tropez Everyday - it seems to be going ok so far, but I'm going to do a proper update in a few days, or when it starts to fade to see if it leaves the usual patchy mess I get from a fake tan.



  1. Love love love the cream dress. The pink dress is nice but it could be too pink! lol.

    Great choice with both the dresses. The shoes are lush by the way. xx

  2. Thank you, I'm loving the blue dress too, I want them both! I'll have to drop hints in front of the boyf or something! xx

  3. I love the pink one but the cream is just as good!

  4. I've been eyeing that Lipsy dress for a while! The cream is definitely my favourite.

  5. I do love it, just can't help lusting after them all, ha ha! x


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