Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Holiday Outfits of the Day

Helloooo ladies,

I'm back from my absolutely brilliant holiday in Jamaica, I had a great time, and met loads of people, a lot of whom live close to me, and we've already had a meet up since we've been back! It was so amazing, we've all already looked into booking the same place for next year, and we're going to go back as a big group!

While I was there, I thought I could do a holiday outfits of the day section for my blog, so here it is for you, some of the outfits I wore whilst on my two week trip.

Bikini, New Look
Shorts, H&M
Boob tube, H&M
Bag, Accessorize
Flip flops, Accessorize
Sunglasses, River Island
Crop top, Topshop
Floral skirt, Primark
Gold sandals, Office
Bag, Primark
Bangles, New Look & Primark
Playsuit, River Island
Sunglasses, River Island
Bag, Accessorize
Flip flops, Primark
Dress, Accessorize
Bangles, Primark
Beaded necklace, Primark
Flip flops, Primark
Straw clutch, Primark
Dress, Next
Pearls, Primark
Corsage, Bay
Pearl bracelets, Topshop & Next
Straw clutch, Primark
Gold sandals, Office
Dress, Topshop
Bangles, New Look
Earrings, Accessorize
Boob tube, River Island
Denim shorts, Next
Silver bangles, Tu
Silver sandals, Red Herring

Floral dress, Primark
Tan belt, Primark
Bag, Primark
Bangles, Primark
Gladiator sandals, Primark

Maxi dress, Miss Selfridge
Silver sandals, Red Herring
Dress, Primark
Waist belt, Primark
Bag, Primark
Flip flops, Primark
Jewellery, Primark & New Look

Maxi dress, River Island
Bangles, New Look
Gold sandals, Office

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Whats In My Holiday Make-Up Bag?

As I said, I would do some "packing" posts for you all to have a look at what I'm taking on holiday with me. Believe it or not, this is the cut down makeup bag, yes there was more, but I went through it all and was brutal. However this still looks like I am taking masses! Hmmm...Maybe I'll go through it again and make another few chops, but for now, this is my travel makeup as it stands...

:: Eyes ::

  • Sleek Storm pallett
  • Barry M e/s X4
  • MAC Cork e/s for my brows
  • Elf eyeliner
  • Maybelline mascara
  • MAC Grand Entrance, All That Glitters, Sable & Woodwinked

:: Lips ::

  • Vaseline
  • Strawberry lip balm
  • Limited edition Barry M lipgloss
  • Revelon Peach Petal Lipgloss
  • MAC GaGa
  • Elf Natural Nympth
  • GOSH Darling
  • Elf Runway Pink
  • Natural Collection Apple Blossom
  • MAC Nude Rose
:: Face ::

  • MAC Well Dressed blusher
  • 17 Blush & Glow Strawberry Swirl
  • Elf Peachkeen blusher
  • Natural Collection Bronzer
  • 17 Highlight & Bronze
  • MAC Kabuki
  • Elf Warm Bronzer
  • Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer
  • Sleek Contour Kit
  • MAC By Candlelight MSF

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
  • Revlon Colorstay foundation
  • GOSH Primer
  • MAC Loose Powder
  • MAC Concealer
  • Elf Concealer

OOTD: A Birthday Meal

Hey hunni's,

I went out to dinner last night for my aunts birthday, we went to a pretty casual restaurant, so here's what I threw on:

Top, Next
Jeggings, Primark
Nude heels, Primark
Bag, Next
Jewellery, Next & Tiffany

Not sure if you can tell, but I've also had my hair done...these pictures were taken on my Blackberry, so you can't really tell, but it's a lot blonder :)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Collection Series: Lipstick

Second up in the collection series is lipstick.

My love for lippie has only developed in the past year, in fact, it's when I started blogging that my interest in it grew. Before then, I was strictly a lipgloss girl. However, I am happy to say I am a convert, and I am a big fan of both now. You might even say that I love lipstick a tiny bit more than gloss now!

So here is what I have managed to collect in the past year:

Army of Lipstick

MAC L-R: Pervette, Pretty Please, the rather battered and melted Myth & Creme d'Nude, Shy Girl, Viva Glam GaGa, Fafi LE Utterly Frivious, DSquared LE Nude Rose.

Barry M L-R: 101, 100, 147, 140, 146, 129

Natural Collection & Maybelline L-R: Autumn Sunset, Berry Sorbet, Apple Blossom & Maybelline Ambre Rose

L-R: ELF Natural Nympth & 2 GOSH Darlings

If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be GOSH Darling, it is certianly my most worn anyway. But honourable mentions must go to MAC Viva Glam GaGa, MAC Nude Rose, Natural Collection Apple Blossom & ELF Natural Nympth.

What are your faves?


Collection Series: Perfume

Whilst sorting through my perfumes and deciding which ones to pack for my holiday, I thought why don't I start a series of collection posts, so obviously first up is perfume...

Here we have the non-designer perfumes:

Mi Amor, Paradise, Cashmere & a handbag version of Cashmere.
All from Next
And on to the designer:

Marc Jacobs Lola & Daisy's

Celebrity: Britney Spears: Hidden Fantasy, Christina: Inspire

Ghost Anticipation & Sweetheart

Kenzo Flowers

LaCoste Touch of Pink & Love of Pink

Gucci Rush 2 & JPG Classique

And my favourites?

Marc Jacobs Daisy has been my signature scent for the past two years, and before that it was Gucci Rush 2. Whilst I was at college, this is what I wore everyday, and one thing that sticks out is one day I was waiting outside my class for my lesson, and my friend came through the corridor and said to me, "I knew you were here, I could smell you in the stairway". I personally like having a signature scent, because, whenever anyone smells it, they will automatically think of you. I also really like Ghost Sweetheart, but you have to be sparing with it, because it is a really sweet scent.

Having so many perfumes, but only really wearing three of them is a bit silly, so I have made a vow to get a bit of variation into my scents!

Coming with me on holiday though will of course be my treasured Daisy, along with the Next Cashmere, which is really lovely (I am aware that lovely is a bit of a crap word to describe a perfume, but never the less).

I am hoping to pick up a perfume in duty free too.

I hope you enjoyed my perfume collection, and I will be posting my lipstick collection next.