Saturday, 5 June 2010

Collection Series: Perfume

Whilst sorting through my perfumes and deciding which ones to pack for my holiday, I thought why don't I start a series of collection posts, so obviously first up is perfume...

Here we have the non-designer perfumes:

Mi Amor, Paradise, Cashmere & a handbag version of Cashmere.
All from Next
And on to the designer:

Marc Jacobs Lola & Daisy's

Celebrity: Britney Spears: Hidden Fantasy, Christina: Inspire

Ghost Anticipation & Sweetheart

Kenzo Flowers

LaCoste Touch of Pink & Love of Pink

Gucci Rush 2 & JPG Classique

And my favourites?

Marc Jacobs Daisy has been my signature scent for the past two years, and before that it was Gucci Rush 2. Whilst I was at college, this is what I wore everyday, and one thing that sticks out is one day I was waiting outside my class for my lesson, and my friend came through the corridor and said to me, "I knew you were here, I could smell you in the stairway". I personally like having a signature scent, because, whenever anyone smells it, they will automatically think of you. I also really like Ghost Sweetheart, but you have to be sparing with it, because it is a really sweet scent.

Having so many perfumes, but only really wearing three of them is a bit silly, so I have made a vow to get a bit of variation into my scents!

Coming with me on holiday though will of course be my treasured Daisy, along with the Next Cashmere, which is really lovely (I am aware that lovely is a bit of a crap word to describe a perfume, but never the less).

I am hoping to pick up a perfume in duty free too.

I hope you enjoyed my perfume collection, and I will be posting my lipstick collection next.



  1. You have lots of perfume! Great collection! I used to have Gucci Rush but used it all up. I love the smell, its amazing! xx

  2. Wow, that is a lot of perfume!
    I really wish perfume wasn't so expensive, so I could afford to be a bit more experimental..

  3. wow you have a huge perfume collection. I really love marc jacobs daisy.

  4. I have Marc Jacobs Lola. Love the bottle.

  5. Great collection, I'm always buying new perfumes even though I don't really need them, I just love to have loads of choices.

  6. My signature scent is Calvin Klein Euphoria, and Stella McCartney STELLA.

  7. i'm loving your perfume collection!


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