Saturday, 5 June 2010

Collection Series: Lipstick

Second up in the collection series is lipstick.

My love for lippie has only developed in the past year, in fact, it's when I started blogging that my interest in it grew. Before then, I was strictly a lipgloss girl. However, I am happy to say I am a convert, and I am a big fan of both now. You might even say that I love lipstick a tiny bit more than gloss now!

So here is what I have managed to collect in the past year:

Army of Lipstick

MAC L-R: Pervette, Pretty Please, the rather battered and melted Myth & Creme d'Nude, Shy Girl, Viva Glam GaGa, Fafi LE Utterly Frivious, DSquared LE Nude Rose.

Barry M L-R: 101, 100, 147, 140, 146, 129

Natural Collection & Maybelline L-R: Autumn Sunset, Berry Sorbet, Apple Blossom & Maybelline Ambre Rose

L-R: ELF Natural Nympth & 2 GOSH Darlings

If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be GOSH Darling, it is certianly my most worn anyway. But honourable mentions must go to MAC Viva Glam GaGa, MAC Nude Rose, Natural Collection Apple Blossom & ELF Natural Nympth.

What are your faves?



  1. at the moment , Rimmel vintage pink. in the NYX section (you need to try those they are amazing!) : Ceto and Power. I am currently lemming rouge coco mademoiselle but I resist because of the price !

    Caro xxx

  2. What an amazing Collection I am jealous !

  3. wow so many (:
    i can tell you're a nude kind of girl?

  4. Nice collection. I want to love GOSH Darling but it makes me look ill :(

  5. Lovely collection! I'm lip product mad at the moment, think my favourite it Revlon pink pout :) xo

  6. Great collection - MAC Creme Cup is always a favourite of mine :)

  7. Lol can tell you love GOSH Darling!

    Right now I LOVE Rimmel Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink, and Boots 17 Mirror Shine in Beehive.

  8. amazing collection! barry m 100 looks amazing ive never seen that one! I want gosh Darling so bad!


  9. gosh darling pleaseee!!!!!!


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