Wednesday, 15 December 2010

One of those great little Primark Finds

You know every now and then Primark do an item that you just know will sell out of you don't buy it there ad then? Well today, I think I got one of those items.

I went in to return something, and once I'd stood in the Customer Services que for what seemed an eternity, why does every Primark take so long? I was walking out, when I walked past the shoes and spotted these babies.

They weren't there when I popped in on Monday after work, so must be new in, so after routing through several size 5's I finally found a 6 and tried them on. I heart them. The perfect mix of smart-casual with the worker boot style and heel combined. I adore the colour, and wear a lot of other colours from this family, they go great with browns, camels, beiges, creams, blacks.

The price? £18. When I saw the price I was a bit hesitant. Why is it in Primark when you see a pair of shoes over £12 you automatically think, "they're a bit pricey"?

I just hope they are going to be comfy.

What have you been buying in Primark recently?



  1. thats it. im getting those tomorrow! lol
    thanks for the heads up xx

  2. I have these- had them for a while! Worst thing though? I haven't even worn them yet, how bad is that. They are bloody gorgeous & such a great find. Really need to get my ass in gear xx

  3. That's such a great deal for those cute shoes! Haha even though you thought they're a bit pricey :P they look so versatile! Love them :)

  4. @Cotton, no problem!! :)

    @Steph, aww they must have been out for a while, but I've never seen them before. I'm like that with shoes, very impulsive. Hopefully I will wear these though! x

    @Edwina, Thanks! x

  5. haha im the same with primark! You see something thats nearly £20 and think, wow thats expensive! But wouldnt think twice in another store! crazy!

    I have a pair of boots very similiar to these but with a chunkier heel from river islnd which i paid £75 for! & i havent even wore them yet!

    I agree about the colour, love it, so versatile & will go with just about everything!


  6. Oooh they're nice. Very similar to some All Saints ones I have, but a mere slither of the price. What a bargain :)

    I see so many shoes I love in Primark but never buy them because every pair of shoes I've ever bought from there literally rip my feet to shreds :( how do you find their shoes comfort-wise?



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