Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Hair & FOTN

Hello Petals,

I hope you are all doing well in the run up to Christmas and aren't too cold with all this freeeeezing weather we have had.

On Friday I got my hair cut and coloured. Having my hair done is one of my favourite things. I feel pampered to the max. I had brown and a few scattered red/copper lowlights and blonde highlights as well as a nice little trim.

Here is a photograph of me sporting the new 'do before I went out on Saturday night to my boyfriends best friends birthday.

Sorry it's not the best of piccy's hair wise, but you get the jist.

[Edit] Just to show you the colour a bit more...



  1. It looks lovely :) you look so beautiful! Hope you had a great time. I feel like I've not been out in ages! x

  2. Your new hair looks cute! And gorgeous lashes :) Happy Holidays!

  3. Looks very pretty, and you look gorgeous :) Nice to have your hair done for the partay season

  4. @Emma, thank you sweetie! I've been out 4/5 weeks in a row, feeling very naughty haha x

    @Charlotte, thank you stunner x

    @Edwina, Love my lashes, thank you!

    @Steph, love getting the huuurrr done! x

  5. Oh you look lovely. I especially love the cut, it really suits you.

  6. love the hair colour! looks so pretty and really suits you =) xx

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous, I love the colour :) xx

  8. @Alison, thank you, it feels short for me though, it never looks like a lot of hair on the floor, but always looks much shorter than it was! x

    @stardglittermagic, thanks very much! x

    @Caz, thanks lovely x

    @TanyaMarie, awww *blush* thank youuuu! x

  9. @Sarah, thank you, its got lots of different colours and looks different in different lights, love it! x


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