Thursday, 9 December 2010

I Updated my Jewellery Organisation...again

Firstly, I'd like to say I realise I am a bad blogger and my updates are less frequent these days, however I plan to get on top of it and get some updates out there at least weekly.

Some of you may remember that a while ago I did a post about jewellery storage, for those of you that don't, you can find it here.

Well a few nights ago, at around 2am, when I really should have been sleeping in preparation for my alarm going off at 7.30 am, I decided to move all my jewellery round.

I have so much more space in my room, as sadly my Mr moved out last Friday, we have lived together for the last 16 months, and nothing bad happened, we're still together, we didn't fight, it's just he was temporally living with me until a room became available in another house, which it has. It was sad times, and we really miss living together already, it's so hard to adapt after waking up to him every day for so long!

Anyway, I now have so much more space now that all his belongings are no longer here. When we initially moved in together I had a massive, and I mean massive clear out to make room in my wardrobes/chest of drawers etc for him, which was very hard for me to do...I have so much stuff.

So now with a few shelves free, which have had his clothes resting on them for so long, I decided that it would be a much better way for me to organise my costume jewellery.

Up until the wee small hours of Wednesday morning, my costume/junk jewellery was stored in two mini sets of drawers in a drawer in my dressing table, like so...

This method is all well and good as far as neatness is concerned (from the outside anyway), but once inside, it's hard to see everything, and you have to go routing through to find something you want to wear, exhibit A:

And now, exhibit B:

And C:

I'm not the type of person that likes having things out on table tops, ie. jewellery stands, make up, make up brushes etc. I like it all to be away and tidy, so the fact I can have all this out on display so that it's easy to see but it's all inside my wardrobe pleases me...I could never have jewellery stands full of necklaces on my dressing table, I feel like it's messy, it's a weird OCD I have, so please forgive me.
My expensive jewellery is stored in a mirror jewellery box that sits on my dressing table. My new jewellery organisation makes me happy, and now I have a whole big drawer in my dressing table empty...Hmmm what to fill it with?!


  1. wow, that looks great! i hate keeping jewelry in boxes because my necklaces always get tangled. but i love this idea. :)

  2. your jewellery looks amazing! its always so hard to find ways of organising and stopping stuff from getting tangled. love the necklace hanger that says jewellery on it!xx

  3. aww, soo many jewelry! lucky girl ;p

  4. Where did you get the bracelet holders from? I want some! :) x

  5. @Olivia, they were actually from Ebay :)


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