Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Updated Jewellery Storage/Organisation

My jewellery collection is a bit out of control. I have so much of the stuff, that it was all just everywhere, I had stuff just thrown into drawers/baskets all mixed in together, so it was quite hard to know where anything was without searching through it all.

Here are some pictures of my jewellery storage before:

Main mirrored jewellery box that sits on my dressing table:

Earrings & a few of my rings.

Mish-mash of stuff, but mainly bracelets.


Smaller mirrored box, which also sits on my dressing table:

This sort of became my overflow box, the stuff I was wearing on a day to day basis, and when I took it off at night, I would throw it in here.

Drawer in my dressing table which housed everything else:

So today I decided to get some decent storage so I can separate bracelets from necklaces for example. I just went to Poundland as they do an array of great storage and this is how it ended up after:

Two sets of drawers which are great for putting everything separately.

Drawer 1: Earrings

Drawer 2 & 3: Bracelets

Set of drawers 2. Drawer 1: Dainty necklaces

Drawer 2: Chunkier necklaces (I've just realised that I've forgotten to photograph the third drawer, but it's got beaded necklaces in).

Purple jewellery box houses my more expensive jewellery.

The smaller mirrored box now stores my more expensive watches:

My bangles have gone from being loose in the drawer to this big plastic storage box, which has to now live under my bed because I just haven't got any more room!

And finally, as I've shown you before, this is my cocktail ring storage:

So there we have it, I'm sorry for the picture heavy post. It still may look really cluttered to you, but trust me, it should be a lot easier now having all the bracelets together, all the bangles together and so on. I think it's the best I'm going to get it, because I have so much.

How do you store yours? Am I the only person with so many different storage items going on for jewellery?! 

If you want me to go into any more detail about anything, or want to see a specific part of my collection, let me know.



  1. O M G! You have ALOT of jewellery, i am so jealous! I have a tiny amount compared to you!! Great new storage system though. I recently bought a mirrored box to keep my larger bangles in!! :)

  2. @Olivia, I didn't actually ever think about how big it was until today. I love the mirrored stuff I have the matching lamp and photo frames too! xx

  3. Wow that's a lot of jewellery, I have the same mirrored box I got mine from Next. I keep my favourite pieces in there and hang necklaces up so not to get tangled [that really annoys me when that happens]

  4. That is sooo much jewelery! I love how you've stored it :D I don't have much jewelery at all, I have one jewelery stand and 1 mirrored box, another smaller box and a very small box for my earrings xxx

  5. @Helen, yup mines from Next too! In Next they do a nice wall plaque that says jewellery and has little hooks on it for your necklaces, it's cute.

    @Becca. I do have a lot, but the majority of it is mostly bangles I think, never knew I had so many!


  6. Great storage! You have some beautiful pieces! xo

  7. Wowww and I thought I had a lot of jewelry I want to do an updated jewelry post, Loved reading yours :) XO

  8. i wont lie im devastated that you didnt let me do this for you :(
    but yes i have a jewellery holder, all my necklaces are hanging either over my bed posts or on my wardrobe doors, all my bangles are in a box and little bits (body jewellery) is in a pink storage unit thing that my nan made me <3

  9. Woweee Rach, you are like a shop! With all that stuff haha.

    Love the new blog layout too :)


  10. Love the cocktail rings! ♥

    Just included you on my blog list. =)

    Keep rockin'! =)

  11. i love those boxes.
    where can i find one?
    i love this blog!<3

  12. Hi Rachel!

    Came across your blog via a Google search whilst doing some research. I am actually the designer of three of your boxes above (Shallow Deco glass trinket box, PU Button Box and Suedette print) it is really interesting to see how people are using these items - and blimey you do have a lot of jewellery!! The company I work for specialise in jewellery boxes and jewellery storage (Hangers) - I am always trying to understand how people want to store and display their jewellery so blogs like these are really handy! Everyone's comments are really interesting too - if anyone has any other thoughts or comments on how their jewellery is stored I would love to hear - my email address is

    Thanks again


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