Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shrinking Feet & A Haul

Hello girly girls,

Firstly I wanted to say, I am sorry for my lack of posts recently, but unfortunately, my MacBook Air kinda died *sad face* my screen somehow became detached from the bottom, and now it won't even come on, so I'm currently using my home PC, but it's not always easy to get into my study and blog, so apoligies for that.

So today, I popperd out for a couple of hours with my Mumsy, she had to get a few bits for my Dad, and I was in search of a white across body bag for my holiday, which I must say I've been hunting for for weeks, it's summer for christs sake, you'd think I could get a white bag! Anyway, I finally got one today in Claires, it's nothing special, and I haven't photographed it, but it will do for holiday purposes.

Whilst looking for my Dad, obviously we browsed for ourselves too, as ya do! So we went to Office, and for a few weeks now I'd had my eye on some patent peep toes that come in nude, bright pink and black just for day wear in the summer. I wanted the pink ones, but put it off, because they were £60 and I am on a complete spending ban. However, my beautiful Mummy treated me to them today, along with a gorgeous pair of converse, which I am in love with!

Bright pink peep toes, Office, £60
Grey (although on the box they are described as green?)/Neon Pink Converse, Office, £34.99

I love them!! :)

And I am extra happy, that after years of being a size 6, then shrinking to a 5.5 in the past couple of years, both pairs of shoes I got today were a 5 and a perfect fit, I was so fed up of shoes being too big for me, and plus size 5's loot much more dainty :)

We also popped to Next to get my Dad some shorts, and I picked up a cute top and some jewellery.

Top, Next, £22
Bracelet, Next, £7.50
Beaded flower ring, Next, I can;t remember the price, I'll update later.
Necklace, Next, £12

I hope you're all ok.



  1. Aww such Cute stuff! I'm in love with those Coral Peep toe pumps! :) xx

  2. Or Pink I should say! They look Corally! lol xx

  3. @Shirley, gorgeous aren't they, I didn't know whether to get them or the nude ones, but in the end I went for the bright ones...also the nude ones nearly matched my skin! They are quite a bright pink, with a pearlesent kind of sheen to them, gorgeous! Thanks hunni x x x

  4. Lovely bits you got, and I reallu like them converse ♥
    great little haul xxx

  5. i was looking at those converse today! im so jealous u have them xxxxxx

  6. I'm the same, I always used to be a 6 and now I wear a 5. And my Mum too. I don't think our feet are all shrinking, I think it's gotta be the shops with their dodgey sizing. Haha


  7. Gorgeous Next top and jewelry!
    It's funny you mention the shrinking feet thing, as the exact same thing has happened to me?!

  8. wow those are some BRIGHT shoes! i really love that top, the color is such a beautiful dusty pink :)

  9. @Steph, I love them too, can't wait to wear them :) xx

    @Kirsty, haha what a coincidence! xx

    @Lauren, ah well I'd like to think my feet have shrunk, so that's what I'll believe! xx

    @Jo, haha, must be getting old! ;) xx

    @Lizzard, I'm obsessed with that colour atm! xx


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