Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Surprise Gift From Aussie

Hello gorgeous ones,

So on Saturday morning when I was relaxing in bed, my boyfriend brought me up a cuppa and a parcle, I was racking my brians to figure out what it was, I hadn't bought anything...I'm on a spending ban after all saving up for my holiday (I'm nearly there by the way, woo hoo). It didn't help that the package was sealed really tight, and I wasn't getting anywhere with opening it, Jack had to even help!

When I finally got it open, I discovered it was from the lovely people at Aussie, and they had sent me some products to try. I got:
  • Limited Edition Aussie Colour Mate shampoo and conditioner
  • Limited Edition Aussie 3 Min Miracle Colour Deep Treatment
  • An Aussie compact mirror
  • A comb
  • Badges
  • A chocolate bar

So massive thank you to Aussie, can't wait to try the products out! It couldn't have come at a better time, as the products I got when I changed my hair are nearly run out.



  1. Lucky you, I love the 3 minute miracle.

  2. Congratulations I love surprise packages =)

  3. Aww your so lucky... i love aussie the products smell amazing.

  4. So lucky how do you get them to send you them!

  5. Oooh wow! I love Aussie products, can't wait for the review.

  6. U such a lucky one :)

    waiting for the review <3


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