Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Valentines Day

I know it's a bit late, but I hope everybody had a lovely Valentines day. I certainly did. Firstly we opened pressies, I got a big me2you bear, Marc Jacobs Lola perfume, roses and tulips, a declaration of love gift with a certificate, a heart charm, a poem and chocs. Then we got ready and jumped on the tube to Southbank where we went on a Thames river cruise and then we went for a ride on the London Eye. It had just got dark once we got on, so it was beautiful as the whole of London was lit up. 

After all that we finally went for some dinner in St. Katherines Docks, where I consumed lots of gorgeous champagne and yummy food. 

What did you all do? 



  1. Looks like you had a fab time on the London Eye. So jealous! x

  2. Glad you had a nice day! Your presents look lovely! XO

  3. aww!! looks like you had a great valentines day :)
    Vicki xo


  4. Love the pic showing off all your loot!! Looks like you had an amazing day =)


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