Thursday, 4 February 2010

Feeding My Habbit...

Hi ladies,

So I went shopping today (yes, again) to Westfield, London. I picked up a few things, and my Mum bought me two dresses, (that I haven't photographed) which she has put away for my birthday, which is ages away, but they were really unusual, and we knew they'd be the types of dresses that would just sell out never to be seen again. They are from Fusion at Monsoon and 3 people commented on one of the dresses when I was holding it in the que, its light grey with cap sleeves and all along the bottom and around the neck are big beads and it looks like its covered in sweets!

Anyway, on to what I did get...

Beaded R Pearl bracelet, Topshop, £6
Cream & Pearl cocktail ring, Topshop, £8

Sunglasses, River Island, £12.99
Marc B bow bag, Topshop £35
Jelly sandals, River Island £12.99

Lacey leggings, Next, £18

Anchor beach dress, Next, £12

High waisted bodycon skirt, Warehouse, £16
Which I am going to wear on Valentines Day with...

Lacey crop top, Warehouse, £28

Stripey crop sweater, Next, £35

Dress, River Island, £25

I love it all, only thing I'm not too sure about is the lacy leggings, dunno if I'm brave enough! What do you guys think?



  1. I love that crop sweater! I love wearing them :) XO

  2. Great haul love your RI sandals they will look fab with your cute beach dress :)

  3. I love that R bracelet do they do it in all different letters?

  4. That beach dress is cute! You going away anywhere nice?

  5. @Lauren, yeah the plan is Barbados :)

  6. I love that stripey sweater from next - I never think to shop there!!

  7. hey! i just started my own blog, and came across yours. it's so cute, i love it!

    and i LOVEEE the lacey crop top. it's absolutely gorgeous. pair that with some dark blue, loose-fit khakis, jazz shoes, and you will look gorgeous!

    check out my blog if you get the chance! :)


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