Sunday, 21 February 2010

Monsoon Dresses

If anyone remembers a little while ago I did a haul and told you I got two really unusual dresses from Monsoon, but I couldn't show you because they weren't on the website, and my Mum had put them away for my birthday...Well since then my Mum has given them to me and they are now on the website, so I thought I  would share :)

So here is the "bon bon" dress:

And the "Bella Stripe" dress:

Next I've got my eye on the "Allsorts" dress:

These dresses are all from the Fusion range at Monsoon, which I'm really loving right now, it has some really unusual pieces, and is a lot younger than the original Monsoon signature style.



  1. Yes, not your typical Monsoon dresses are they? Really nice though. I read that Jasper Garvida used to design for Monsoon so maybe one day we will find out who is behind this Fusion collection.

  2. I love the bon bon dress-really want it and not that expensive! X

  3. @A pocket full of dreams, the bon bon dress was £75.

    @Lauren, I know its gorgeous, it's next on my list haha, but it's £95 so need to get saving me pennies!



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