Tuesday, 26 May 2009

My First Haul

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Mine was pretty jam packed, but there was still time for make up shopping. My boyfriend and I went to Westfield, London yesterday as he wanted to get some holiday bits, but as soon as we got there, first stop I dragged him into MAC! Ooops! The other products in this haul were bought today in Boots before I started work. So here goes...


(The flash on my phone is super bright, so apologies.)

Firstly I'll talk about the two lipsticks 
that I got...

I'm normally a lip gloss kinda girl myself, but lately I've been really getting into lipstick. I've also been steering away from my normal pinky shades, and going for something a bit more nude. (Barry M 101 is a staple of mine). 

So pretty late on the band wagon, I know, but never the less, I picked up MAC's Cremesheen lipstick in Creme d'Nude, which I LOVE. A really great nude colour, fab on its own or mixed with gloss, and it smells great too. Next to it is a cheap drugstore brand Natural Collection in Autumn Sunset. They appear very similar in the photograph, however the Natural Collection lipstick is a smidgen of the price of the MAC at £1.95! When swatched, Creme d'Nude is slightly more of a peachy colour, where as Autumn Sunset has a pinky undertone. 

I've yet to try Autumn Sunset, but I do have another of the Natural Collection lipsticks, Apple Blossom (similar to Barry M's 101), and I have to say that it is pretty damn good. They are moisture shine lipsticks, I tend to wear them on top of a chapstick, or Vaseline Rosy Lips, and my lips end up being super soft, and moisturised, so a big thumbs up for the drugstore product, and for £1.95 you can't go wrong.

The two eyeshadows I got from MAC were Retrospeck (left) and Honey Lust (right). Again, nudes. But both gorgeous gold shades. Retrospeck has a slight shimmer to it and I wore it all over my lid today, with no fall out, yay. Honey Lust is more of a coppery gold. Its lovely and sparkly, but again, no fall out. Good times. I have only just started collecting MAC eyeshadows, so these two bring my grand total up to 
four. (I already have Dazzlelight and Mulch). 

Next up, I got something I'd been unsure about for a few weeks now, which is the Barry M Natural Dazzle compact bronzer. I'd wanted to try Nars Laguna,which this product is being likened to, but I wasn't sure if it would suit my fair skin. Everyone seems to be talking about it lately, so I thought I would go ahead and give it a try. The Barry M packaging states that this product is a lightweight, matt bronzer that's suitable for all skin tones. I swatched it in boots today, and did think it looked a bit dark on my hand, however I bought it anyway...Egypt is two weeks away, and it might look fabulous with a tan. I'll let you know what I think of the product once I've tested it out. 

Next to the Barry M, we have something I've been wanting for the past couple of weeks - Prestige Baked Bronze Mineral Powder in St. Tropez. Its one of the most gorgeous bronzers I've seen, and this picture doesn't do it justice at all. It's a lovely natural bronze with shimmery gold veins running through it. When swatched, it doesn't come out all glittery, it just looks like a really natural colour, but again I'll let you know what it's like on the face once I've tested it out properly, I'm hoping it lives up to how it looks. Fingers crossed. And it was on offer in Boots - £2 off, so it only cost me £5.82, I had no idea it was on offer until after too, don't you just love it when that happens? 

Lastly, I got a nail polish, I just realised that I didn't photograph it individually, but its up there in my main picture ^^^ Recently I've had a thing for orange nails. I had looked at Barry M's nail paint in 136 Tangerine several times, but wasn't brave enough to get it. So I ended up with a more coraly orange, which I ended up putting coats upon coats on my nails to get it darker. So whilst in Boots today I walked past the Miss Sporty section and spotted the nail polish above which looked identical to the 136, just a cheaper version. So I went for it, and as it was so cheap, it wouldn't matter if I hated it because it was too bright for me. I just tried it out on one of my fingernails, and it looks lovely. VERY shimmery, and I think it will look amazing on my feet this summer. It does look like it will need two coats though, but that's fine. So another thumbs up for the cheap drugstore brand.



  1. lovely haul ! now im seriously lusting some eyeshadows :P
    btw thanks for following my blog ;)

  2. Thats what I get like, reading these blogs seriously makes me want to go shopping! x

  3. I want to buy mulch and honeylust- I want so many MAC eyeshadows actually! Good haul!

  4. Me, too! I have a long list going on!

  5. Nice haul - Gotta love the MAC goodies! :) x

  6. Love your blog, your new follower <3


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