Sunday, 24 May 2009

Eylure Dylash

Hello lovlies,

I am happy to see that my followers have gone up, so hi everyone, thanks for following me! I hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather. It was my best friends birthday yesterday, I hosted a dinner party for her, it all went pretty well other than my fruit jelly not setting in time (in fact, it still hasn't set mow 24 hours later, ooops), luckily I had some cake alternatives. 

Today, other than tinting my eyelashes, (more about that in a sec) the day has been spent watching the football on TV - my boyfriend went off to Wembley early this morning to watch his team in the play off final, sadly, for him, they lost, and then we all moved out into the garden, to soak up the beautiful sunshine. 

So, back to the point of this blog...

With my trip to Egypt coming up (16 days and counting) I wanted to get my eyelashes tinted because I have very light blonde lashes and without mascara I honestly look half dead, not a good look when I'm trying to look glamorous around the pool in my bikini. I did purchase some Maybelline waterproof mascara, however my previous experience with waterproof mascara hasn't been that great - if anyone knows a good one that makes your lashes look thick, do let me know. 

So instead of going to the salon, because I'm trying to save every penny I can for my spending money, I thought I'd give Dylash by Eylure a go.

It can be found here but I got mine from my local chemist, and it was £6.99

The website states;;

"If the constant clumping and smudging of mascara is a daily nightmare, perhaps it's time for a change? Dylash eyelash and brow dye is the perfect answer for those who find mascara a trial but cannot go without. Darkening your lashes will immediately give your eyes a whole different dimension. Shiny, healthy looking lashes for up to 6 weeks.

Also use on brows for a more defined brow line - especially for toning in with your hair colour.

Available in Black, Brown and Blue Black

Tip: using clear mascara over Dylash will give you even lusher, open lashes without the possibility of smudges.

Celebrity fans: Lisa Kudrow, Martine McCutcheon"

The tint went on easy enough, it was just a little uncomfortable having someone else putting something on my eyelashes, I think it would have been easier for me to put it on myself in the mirror (but thank you Nicola for doing it for me, you're a star). 

The applicator itself was much like one of the plastic mascara brushes, so easy enough to get the product evenly spread through the lashes. My one complaint was having to keep my eyes closed for 10 mins after the product was applied, but that's just me being fussy. Then much like a hair dye, the tint was washed off my eyes, and I must say I was pretty impressed with the results, my lashes are black and more emphasised, but I have pretty long lashes anyway so I think that helped. 

Unfortunately it didn't work so well on my Mum as she has pretty short eyelashes. My lashes don't look any thicker, so I think I'll still be using lashings of mascara, but at least I won't be worrying about looking half dead around the pool in the day time on holiday. 

Overall, a thumbs up for Dylash, but I'll be keeping you posted on if it really lasts for 45 days.





  1. interesting! ;D I always though of buying them Lashes but never did then again you can;t go wrong for £5 or £6 xxx

  2. I love this stuff..... Even my mum uses it!


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