Sunday, 31 July 2011

July Favourites

Here are the products/items I've been loving for July...



Marc Jacobs: Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume

Daisy is my absolute favourite perfume, so you can imagine my excitement everytime they bring out a new one, I love collecting them all and the pretty bottles.

This bottle was a present from my parents when they went to the Carribean this summer they picked this up in Duty Free. I believe it is in the biggest size they do. It's a very light, delicate floral scent, perfect for a summers day.


Tanning products

With this weather we are having at the moment in the UK, it's hard to know whether to tn or not. One minute I'm baring my pins, the next I'm back in my opaques. This is where instant tan comes in - if ever I haven't tanned and I wake up to glorious sunshine, this is a quick and easy solution.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Medium Matte has been my go to instant tan for years. I dread to think how many bottles of the stuff I have worked my way through. I tend to use this for nights out the most. It gives a good, even colour.

Last week I picked up this new product from L'Oreal, their Waterproof Glam Bronze Spray Foundation for legs. Obviously it's easy to apply with it being a spray, but it did go everywhere all over my bathroom! The instructions say that for a deep tan there is no need to rub it in, which I don't really agree with, I do think it does need rubbing in, or it can seem rather patchy. However, once rubbed in, this gives a lovely colour and a smooth appearance to the legs (as if I had tights on).


Sleek Storm Palette

Sleek palettes are always really good quality, and the Storm palette is my favourite out of the three I own, I have been using it a lot recently.


YSL Rouge Volupte No. 2 Nude Beige

Ever since I have owned this lipstick, the rest of my collection hasn't seen the light of day. It's a gorgeous pink shade and very moisturising and creamy, and I am fast running out of this *boo hoo*


MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural: Medium

I finally got this last week after umming and ahhing over it for months , and I have been using it to set my foundation across my T-Zone to keep oil at bay.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

This has fast become my favourite foundation. After using Revlon Colorstay for a while, I now find it too heavy and it can go cakey quite easily.

Healthy Mix is a Medium coverage, that is buildable without any caking - and it smells pretty amazing too!


Benefit High Beam

I got this trial size free with Glamour magazine and it is an amazing highlight, I will be investing in the full size when this runs out.


Bourjois Bronzer

This has been my go-to bronzer throughout July. I use it to contour my face as I have it in the darker shade. It gives my complexion the sunkissed glow without the flecks of chunky glitter.


Pure Coconut Oil

I have been applying coconut oil to the ends of my hair whenever it is wet. It softens and glosses the ends as well as smelling uh-mazing.


And finally, I got an iPhone 4 so this month has been spent getting to grips with it, downloading apps, adding songs and buying cute covers.




  1. I love your favorites! Especially the iphone4! Welcome to the club! ;) Hehe.

  2. Love the look of that YSL lipstick! :) Need to get back into wearing some again!

    I saw your name on the list for the Africa London fashion week event :) Hopefully see you again there! <3 xxx

  3. I use the coconut oil and sleek palette too,they're my favourites too.I'll try the others :)

  4. I love bourjois products and the mac msf, i've been wanting to try the YSL lipstick for ages! just havent parted with the cash yet. XX


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