Thursday, 28 July 2011

HAUL: My Summer Wardrobe Courtesy of Primani

It's funny that as I write this, the shops all have their Autumn stock in and Summer is long gone. As it's now that we are finally seeing some much needed sunshine, (and I'm hoping August will be a nice month), that I have collated a few of the items I did buy this year with the intent of wearing them all summer long - but the truth is, I've hardly had the chance to wear any of it, and it is sitting in my wardrobes all tags-a-hanging.

These are just the items I've bought this summer from Primark, the majority of my new items in 2011 have actually come from good old Primani as I haven't had the chance to shop much, and there is a Primark on my way home from work (Hurrah!)

Again, I must stress that all these items have been bought over the last few months, so some prices have been forgotten or might be a guess...

(The newer items are first)

Top (newest item, bought today, love it!) £10

Shorts, £8


Midi pleated skirt, £14


Palazzo trousers, £14


Playsuits, both £5 in the sale (reduced from £12)


One shouldered dress, £5

Floral playsuit, £5


Stripey playsuit, £5

Denim playsuit, £11

Coral playsuit, £5


Denim tie top, £8

Shoes, £4 in the sale (reduced from £14)

And there we have it, a few of my summer buys..Let's just hope that Mr Sun has got his hat on and I can go out to play wearing some of these fab items!




  1. OMG I love love love those shorts! Great haul x

  2. I bought some shorts just like this from Primark, they're the same colour but are cut offs. I love them, they remind me of something I'd wear when I was 6 but meh! I also love all your buys, you have great taste :) x

  3. love the midi skirt and yellow dress, very summer-y!

  4. Great haul - I keep looking for those shorts but can never find them - jealous! x


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