Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Our Valentines Weekender

I realise I am incredibly late with this post, and had decided that I just wasn't going to put it up, but then, I felt in a blogging mood, and thought, "what the heck I'll wack it up anyway".

As the heading of this post suggests I am talking about Valentines Day...well weekend in our case. On the Saturday night Jack had decided he was going to cook for me as we hadn't seen each other much that week, but it just so happened it did coinside with Valentines Weekend. Not that I minded this, it meant two celebrations.

So off we trotted to M&S to see what their "two can dine" offer had to, ummm offer. We had salmon to start, seabass for main and chocolate pud for afters as well, of course as their Valentines box of chocolates and bottle of Cava.

On Valentines Day itself, I made Valentines cupcakes and we had drinks and presents at mine, then headed off to our local Village for more drinks, and then finally dinner.

Here are a few snaps from our weekend.



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  1. Awww sounds like you had a lovely weekend :) I love the idea of Valentines cupcakes..they look so cute. And I want an inbetweeners t-shirt!! haha x


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