Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Sales & Sales Haul

I refused to go to the sales the whole week after Christmas. I wasn't feeling routing through what could be conceived as jumble, contending with crazed shoppers and long ques, not to mention trying to park my brum brum. I had checked the sales out online on Boxing Day and I was terribly disappointed. The sales were full of crap. New Look were still trying to sell off old summer stock I remember from last year and the rest of it was rubbish I'd never seen in the shop/online before.

So I waited for the Christmas frenzy to die down and had another Quality Street.

When I did eventually venture out it wasn't intentionally even to look at the sales as "all the good stuff will be gone now" was drummed into my brain. My main aim was to check out the new seasons stock.

However, most places didn't have a lot of Spring stock in as of yet and was mostly still sales. Usually I find the best type of places for sales and massive reductions, and where I get most sale items are Warehouse and Oasis. Both are fairly high end highstreet stores with their full price stock being slightly above the average prices of Topshop and River Island for example.

I love both shops but purchases from them are only sporadically, until the sales that is, when I find their reductions absolutely amazing. Although I did make a few purchases from these two shops, I found that a lot of the items had hardly anything taken off them.

For example, a leather jacket I've been eyeing up for months had a measly £15 off. And still weeks later, it hasn't had any further reductions.

I'm not sure what has happened this year, but the sales weren't up to their normal standards.

Having said that, here are the few sale purchases I did manage to make and they were the few items I found that did have a fair bit of money off them.

Firstly, I thought I would start with the biggest bargain I managed to get, and this was only bought last week.

A gorgeous Biba dress;;

Was £195

Now £55 & HOF had another 20% off
Bought for £44

FCUK Dress;;

For anyone that remembers I used to have this dress in black that I received for my 23rd birthday in 2009, shortly after I went to Paris where I took it and it was stolen from my hotel room!

Was £110

Now £55

Oasis embellished jumper dress;;

Was £85
Now £25

Warehouse one shouldered embellished dress;;

Was £50
Now £30

Oasis Shoes;;

Was £65
Now £15

Office Fringed Ankle Boots;;

Was £85
Now £35

How did you all find the sales this year?



  1. wow, the navy dress is gorgeous :)
    Great buys lovely xx

  2. Love the Biba dress, my friend got it at the same price and i was insanely jealous!!!

  3. Brilliant buys - I can't believe the French Connection dress is in the sale this year! x

  4. Navy Dress is Gorgeous!!
    That French Connection white no is cute.. But i cannot believe sum1 had the cheek to steal the blck version from your hotel room..How Low is that...

    Sales wise nothing really caught my eye..very appauling.. aside some shoes i got from Carvela (HOF)

  5. The Biba dress is so gorgeous *_*
    I really liked it .


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