Monday, 29 March 2010

Bringing Back The (Semi) Blonde In Me

Hello ladies,

I don't think many of you will know, but I have only been a brunette since November 2008. I used to be very, erm...blonde before:

However, I really fancied a change, and went over to the darkside, going for a golden brown. Ever since then it seems to have got darker and darker: 

Now I feel like it's too dark when I don't wear fake tan, and I have to use more bronzer, so on Thursday I am going through the long long process of having the colour completely stripped out, my hair dresser predicts that I will have to have it stripped twice because it's so dark. I want something lighter, while I won't be going back to peroxide blonde, I am having highlights put in, but I am going for a 6 base all over. The end product should be in the same sort of family as these lovely ladies, or at least I hope so! 

Whatd'ya think?


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Holiday Haulin'

Hello lovlies,

I hope everyone is well and having a nice weekend so far. I was meant to be working 7am-4pm today but was able to leave at 10 as it was quiet, so I'm now at home doing mundane things like washing and tidying up, but thought I'd squeeze this little haul in for you.

On Thursday I did a bit of shopping for my holiday on the 8th June. I'm going back to Jamaica (my third time now) and am so excited! Originally it was just me and Jack going, but at the last min we decided to make a big group thing out of it, so we asked my parents if they fancy it (they've been going to Jamaica for the past 5 years anyway, so they weren't going to turn it down) and my brother and my best friend. So it should be pretty amazing, so out of excitement, here are some bits I got.

Silk dress, Lipsy, £55

Gypsy dress, H&M, £7.99

Striped vest dress, H&M, £7.99

Gotta have a pair of white linen's for the summer, River Island, £24.99

Only the flip flops are for the holiday, but I photographed them all together.
Black quilted chain pumps (my 3rd pair!), Primark, £6
White patent flats, Primark, £5
Gold beaded sandals, Primark, £4
Coral patent flats, Primark, £4

And these next two aren't holiday items, but I thought I'd throw them in anyway...

Striped dress, Next, £20

And lastly, I got these today in the Next sale, peep toe shoe boots, £15


Lauren's Amazing Giveaway

My little twinny, Lauren is having an amazing giveaway, she's been really generous, so everyone go follow her, she's lovely! 


Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Little Request...

As some of you may know, this is Nicola. But for those of you who don't, she's my best friend and she has a little blog that she recently started and I thought some of my lovely followers would be nice and go and say hello to her as she's new around here.

Her blog is pretty varied, with lots about films, a bit of fashion and beauty and just anything she's into really. So go go go follow her, she's lovely I promise.

Her blog can be found here

Show some love!


Boots 17 Blush & Glow

Hello lovlies,

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend, this afternoon Jack and I went out to get some lunch in the nice weather and popped into Boots as he needed some hair gel, stupidly of him he went in through the make up aisle and the new 17 Blush & Glows caught my eye. I only use bronzers from the 17 range and a couple of nail polishes, but these were pretty and and were also on a three for two, so I got the two colours they had plus one of the regular blushes they do.

Top: Plum Puff
Left: Peaches & Cream
Right: Strawberry Swirl

Peaches & Cream
L-R: Mixed together, the blush, the highlight

Strawberry Swirl
L-R: the blush, the highlight, mixed together

Plum Puff

These blushes are £3.49 each, but on the 3 for 2 at the moment. And are pretty good value for the price because they are so highly pigmented and have a really creamy formulation. I've yet to try it on my face, but I imagine it'll be lovely. I'll probably use Blush and Glows as more as a highlight and the Plum Puff on my cheeks. Look out for a FOTD featuring these coming soon.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Going Gaga (Cheesy I know)

I was sitting down with Jack tonight eating my dinner when there was a knock on the door and to my surprise it was the DHL man with my MAC Gaga lipstick, I know you're going to see a million swatches and everybody already knows about it, but I just wanted to show my excitement and say that I love love love it and will be getting a back up for sure! 



Hello ladies,

A fair bit of shopping has happened over the past week or so, so I thought I'd just show you what I got.

Primark;; Pink short length lounge bottoms, £4

Cream & Peach corsages, £1.50 each

Jelly sandals, £3

Tan across body bag, £4

Cream quilted bag, reduced to £3

Black jeggings, reduced to £6

Alice in Wonderland cropped sweater, Topshop, £25
Topshop;; White ruffle vest (I also have this in pink & it featured in my OOTD a few posts ago), £16
Peach dress, £28

Next;; Pink embellished shoulder top, £22
Stripey jumper dress, £22
Oversized boyfriend cardigan (which I needed in a size 6 it was so big!) £25

Next;; Lace t shirt, £22
Black/white belted skirt, £28
Stripey vest. £12

I made a trip to Bicester Village shopping outlet last week and picked up this Ted Baker clutch, £50

Dress. Lipsy, £65


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I Heart Fragrance Direct

I am so happy to have found the Fragrance Direct website, top brands at excellent prices, happy, happy happy!

I went to pick up my parcel from the Post Office today as I missed it yesterday. Here's my goodies:

Topping up on the tanners, 2X St. Moriz Mousse self tans, £2.99 each
St. Moriz spray tan, £2.99
Rimmel Instant Tan, £3.50
Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzer, £2.99

NYC topcoat, 50p
NYC polishes, 59p each
Rimmel polish, 59p

Sally Hansen lip plumper, £1.99
Rimmel toe nails, £2.50


Primark Summer Essentials

As I said in the last post I have got some more hauls for you, and I do apoligise for all the hauls recently, but it was pay day, what do you expect! So I'm going to start with some things I picked up in Primark, which are mainly holiday things, I always start my holiday shopping early so I can spread out the costs. So here goes...

Summer dresses, (L-R) £5, £5 & £7.50

Detailing on the first dress.

Can't go wrong with cheap Primark flip flops, £3 & £2


L-R: Cream bangle, £2, Peach ring, £2, Silver ring, £2,Gold bangle, £2, anklet, £1.50

Make up case, £3.50 & Bikini Bag, £1.50