Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Primark Summer Essentials

As I said in the last post I have got some more hauls for you, and I do apoligise for all the hauls recently, but it was pay day, what do you expect! So I'm going to start with some things I picked up in Primark, which are mainly holiday things, I always start my holiday shopping early so I can spread out the costs. So here goes...

Summer dresses, (L-R) £5, £5 & £7.50

Detailing on the first dress.

Can't go wrong with cheap Primark flip flops, £3 & £2


L-R: Cream bangle, £2, Peach ring, £2, Silver ring, £2,Gold bangle, £2, anklet, £1.50

Make up case, £3.50 & Bikini Bag, £1.50



  1. lovely haul! :)
    i do the same buy it all throughout the year for my hols! It prevents panicing the week before when primark runs out of your size in sandals haha

  2. the bikni bag is such a good idea! xxx

  3. Lovely haul :) Love the dresses and jewelery! XO


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