Wednesday, 15 September 2010

BIRTHDAY WEEKENDER: Make Over & Photoshoot

Hello lovely's,

There has been a lack of posts recently, so do forgive me. There has been a very good reason for this, as some of you know it was my birthday on Sunday, I turned the ripe old age of 24 and I celebrated in style, and just havent stopped ever since. Today I finally have a day to myself, so I thought I would get a few blogs in for you.

On Thursday night my boyfriend told me that as a surprise I was going to have a make over and photoshoot on the Friday. I had a frenzied panic, "ahhh what clothes am I going to take" feeling nervous and up until about 2am Xen-Tanning myself.

Friday arrived and I took my big red bag full of clothes and hot footed it to the tube station heading for my Oxford Circus destination.

(by the way I've had brown put in my hair, what do you think?)

I won't state the name of the salon, but when I got there I found out the girl who was supposed to be doing my hair had called in sick that day, so now I had another guy doing my hair, as well as doing 3 other peoples all at the same time, so I felt it wasn't very personal. Also, my boyfriend had paid a higher price so that I could have unlimited drinks all day. Well I was never offered a single drink.

After my hair was pinned to set, I had my make over, which I cannot fault, my MUA was lovely and we had a good old chin wag. After my make up was applied, I was sent to sit in the downstairs waiting room, where I was left for about 45 mins, still in my gown, before I was called up again to have my hair finished.

Once the hair was done, I finally had my photoshoot, which wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. After the photoshoot, I waited about an hour to view my photographs, and I was the last one there.

For the price I would imagine that my boyfriend would have paid for this experience, I think it was absolutely shoddy on the salons behalf. I am treated with much more hair when I get my hair done by my own hair dresser and she comes to my house. To not even offer my a cup of tea when I got there, I mean come on! Isn't that general politeness?

I thought the day would be an absolute pamper day, where I would be looked after, but it just didn't feel like that, and all the waiting around actually made me stressed.

Having said all this, I did get some great photographs, and needless to say this experience was a one off.

I am very grateful to my boyfriend for getting me this for my birthday, it's just such a shame I didn't get the best out of it, but here's the outcome, and I think the pictures do outweigh the bad experience.



  1. Awww Im sorry it wasnt as perfect as you'd imagined :( But like you say the pictures are lovely. Your stunning :) xx

  2. wow you look beauitful ;)
    I love the first outfit of the shoot xxx

  3. your pics amazing, u looks soo beautiful :)


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