Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dolly Bow Bow

For any of you who follow Kate on YouTube, you might know about her amazing online store DollyBowBow

She sells quirky little vintage jewellery, so a week or so ago I placed my second online order with her.

I ordered the floral rose necklace and the love birds necklace.

The floral rose necklace was £5.99 for the 18 inch necklace, or £6.99 for the 24 inch necklace. I got this one in 24 inches.

The love birds necklace was back in stock, and was the same prices, however I decided that this would be better in the shorted necklace, so I only paid £5.99 for it.

The shipping was free to the UK, and really fast.

I'd really recommend DollyBowBow if you're looking for something a bit different and a bit more personal.



  1. Really pretty pieces :)

    I've recently read another review of that site, so I'll definitely need to check it out myself soon!

  2. So cute, I'm in LOVE with the second necklace!

  3. umm payday hello hi the scrabble letters are mine <3

  4. Very cute pieces.

  5. So lovely
    I loved The love birds necklace

  6. I really love that bird necklace.

  7. What's the P&P like on Dolly bow bow?



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