Sunday, 18 October 2009

Paris Essentials & A Mini MAC Haul

Hi ladies,

As many of you will know, for my birthday my boyfriend gave me a trip to Paris as a present, we go on the 29th and for the past month or so I've been collecting my so-called Paris essentials (not really essential, as I'm pretty sure I have quite enough clothes already that I could have taken, but any excuse to go shopping...) I'll add in all the prices incase anyone wants to ask about any of them.

I thought I'd share just a few of the things I have picked up so far:

Two Paris tops, as in my Mum's words when I saw them, I "had to have them". The one on the left is from Topshop (£16), it's a little bit cropped, hence the red v neck vest (£6 or 2 for £9) which I plan to wear underneath the I heart Paris top. And the other top is from Oasis (£22).

Slouchy beige off the shoulder jumper, ASOS (£20) and black "jeggings" are Oasis (£35)

Two jumper dresses (I get so bored of wearing jeans in the winter). The one on the left is from H&M (£19.99) and it is cable knit on the top and plain on the bottom and also comes in purple and white. The other dress is from Miss Selfridge (£38) and it has cut out detailing at the front, and a scoop neck at the back. Both of these will be great for the day time, with some thick black tights and a nice pair of boots.

Faux leather jacket with pleat detailing from Miss Selfridge (£45), will look great over this delicate layered style dress from French Connection, I got this dress back in September as a birthday present and have yet to wear it. I couldn't resist the little black sequin beret from River Island (£9.99) and will go perfectly with my new winter coat.

High boots, Primark (£19) and ankle boots, Next (£45)


This is just a recent MAC haul, only three items, I'm trying to be good.

Nude Rose lipstick from the new DSquared collection is a perfect daytime pink, and a 168 brush. Here's how the lipstick looks on me (no flash), I think it's a new fave. I'll post more about it and do a comparison in my next post.

And finally, I got a 4 pan pallette to take to Paris, so I don't have to take my 15 palette for fear if it getting smashed or anything.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend,  mine's been quiet, as we're saving money. We just went out to lunch yesterday and then had a nice dinner, bottle of wine and crisps and dips whilst watching X Factor. I'm starting to really like Stacey...



  1. Wooww nude rose looks gorgeous.. and have fun in paris that's so sweet of him :)

  2. Wow, I love Paris, have a great time. Drop me an e-mail about the domain situation, and i'll try and help.

  3. Thanks for following me huni, I love Paris make sure & stop by Sephora xoxo

  4. @Dila - yeah even though a lot of people don't like it, I really do.
    @Kb - I will deffo do that, thank you.
    @Juicygirl - no problem hun. And I'm looking forward to going to Sephora xx

  5. I love Stacey, she makes me laugh. She's so ditzy!


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