Monday, 12 October 2009

Aussie Pampering Event at Adee Phelan's Salon

A few months back I was contacted by Lauren over at 1000 Heads asking if I'd like to become one of their Aussie Angels, of course I accepted and on Saturday night a pampering event was held for us at Adee Phelan's salon in Covent Garden. For any of you that watched The Salon a few years back, he was one of the hair dressers on it.

As quoted from the salon's website, Adee Phelan is an inspirational hair salon that boasts a top celebrity clientele. Be welcomed with a cool, electric yet modern feel enhanced with a line up of acclaimed who offer both traditional and latest in all cutting techniques. The team enjoy catering for all hair types and benefit from exclusive hair, styling and media experience from celebrity hair dresser, Adee Phelan.

I was allowed to take two friends on the night, so I asked Nicola and Sarah, unfortunately Sarah couldn't make it, so it was just Nicola and I. The event was from 7 til 10pm and from the moment we arrived at the salon we were greeted by Lauren and Emma from 1000 Heads with two nice glasses of champagne for us. There was some yummy snacks laid on too.

Straight away we got to go and have our hair done as there were two stylists free. We went through to the funky decorated salon and discussed with the stylists what we wanted done and then had our hair washed with the most gorgeous smelling Aussie hair products. Once washed one of the guys Tom topped up my champagne and my stylist went on to blow dry and style my hair. I asked for volume at the roots and curls at the ends, and that is what I got.

Once we were all done we took a seat, drank copious amounts of champagne and chatted to the PR girls. At the end of the evening Adee came into the salon, and much to my surprise he has a chihauahua puppy which he brought in and everyone made a fuss over.

If all this wasn't enough, after all the girls had had their hair done, the whole crowd of us went on to a bar, where the kind people at 1000 Heads put a credit card behind the bar and all our drinks were put on tab. Jack came and met us and we stayed in the bar chatting to bloggers and left Covent garden at about quarter past midnight,

It was a fabulous evening, and it's so nice to be given something back. So huge thank you's to everyone at 1000 Heads, Aussie and Adee Phelan's salon. I can't wait for the next event, which is a girls night out.

Here's the eye candy...

Yes, that is Nicola and I being pampered.



  1. I remember Adee so well from The Salon! I love that he has a chihuahua! Looks like lots of fun- I went to the Manchester pampering evening and it was really good- need to update about it but the photos from 1000 heads aren't up yet!x

  2. 'nicola what's the name of this salon?'

    wonderful way to spend a saturday night.
    had a wonderful time, Thank you :)

  3. Fun pictures, nice to meet you the other night. Can't wait to find out what's in store next...

  4. Looks like an amazing salon!!


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