Saturday, 7 May 2011

YSL Rouge Volupte: Number 1, Nude Beige

I finally caved!

I purchased my first YSL lipstick. Of course I wanted to start with the famous Rouge Volupte range. After toying for months about the idea of buying Lingerie Pink as it seemed like the "it" colour to have, I went and looked at it in Debenhams, and wasn't too sure it suited my skin tone.

After more research online, my mind was set on number two "Sensual Silk", but then randomly when it came to ordering, I changed my mind at the last minute and put number one "Nude Beige" into my basket. And I am so glad I did.


DSC09370 DSC09371

Nude Beige is a lot pinker than I expected (this is a good thing) and I fear Sensual Silk would have been too nude.

I believe I have found the happy medium between the two afore mentioned lippies, and I am happy, happy, happy!



The lipstick is just beautiful, inside and out.


After resisting this range for so long, due to their high price range, I am glad I finally decided to treat myself. After all whats the halm in wanting the beautiful things in life?!

What are your favourite YSL shades?




  1. Wow this looks gorgeous! I have to admit I have lusted after these lipsticks for ages now!x

  2. Gorgeous photos! Possibly the prettiest packaged lipstick in the lipstick world, I love them so much. This & no2 are my favs x

  3. Oh this is such a gorgeous colour, I desperately want it now!!! Might have to treat myself too x

  4. I sent some review samples to you on December 24th,2010, have you got the package? I emailed you for several times, but never got reply.

    Jessica from


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