Saturday, 27 November 2010

GHD's For Sale

I was about to put my GHD's on Ebay, but then I thought I would open it up to people on my blog first. Here we have a GHD slim straightener, in box complete with styling guides, product information, gaurentee card, all in perfect condition and excellent working order. Even box is still pristine.

I am only selling because I got a new pair as a present, I was keeping these as back ups, but it just seems silly, and a they are still working great, they may as well go to a loving home.

Please note, they are not the ones that bleep when they are ready - they just flash.

I am open to offers, so please do get in contact if you are interested :)



  1. Hi Rachel,

    How much do you want to sell them for? My straighteners have just broken and I've been looking to buy some new ones. :)


  2. Hey :) I understand you already have an offer above but I was also interested in them as mine have just broken :( If the deal above falls through can you email me at
    Thanks :) xxx

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