Thursday, 13 May 2010

This Weeks Shopping...

Good evening Poppets!

As well as working all week and drinking copious amounts of Diet Coke in order to collect all for of these babies for free at Boots (Nails Inc Promotion, buy two bottles of Diet Coke and receive a free bottle of Nails Inc Polish, but you all know this already!)

L-R: Paris, London, New York, Milan

I did manage to do a bit of shopping today. So here are my treasures :)

Nude jelly ballerinas, £12.99
Plimsoles, £12.99

Straight leg light distresses jeans, £39.99
Lemon vest, £5.99/£6.99 (can't remember which!)

Kaftan, £21.99

Stripped scoop neck, £4
Straw clutch, £6
Pink corsage, £1.50
Nude platforms, £12

England shorts, £4 to sport on holiday as I'm there for the World Cup

Pandora-like bracelet, £10

Pinky nude slouchy bag, £32

I needed a new mascara, so I thought I would try out Colossal, as Maybelline was on a 3 for 2 and my Mum got a mascara and lippy too. I also wanted to try out the new Paris Hilton for Elegant Touch nails, blame my Mumsy for the choice (!) I asked her to choose between the red ones with glitzy tips, the white flower tips and these, obviously she picked these, but they are called the "super girly" ones and I suppose thats about right!

I hope you are all having a fab week, and that you enjoyed my haul. I'm off to tidy my room and have a bit of me time, as the boy is out playing footie tonight, I'm all shopped out and sleepie!



  1. Great haul! Everyone has definitely been drinking too much Diet Coke this week :) Love both pairs of nude shoes. I really want to get some for myself! xx

  2. Oh my word I LOVE the jelly ballerinas! And I'm surprisingly impressed with the Nails Inc polishes, aren't you? I already got Paris and London and I might get New York too!
    I really hope you like the Colossal mascara - Maybelline make THE best mascaras in my opinion! That and Lash Stiletto are my absolute favourites :) can't wait to see how you get on!

  3. Wow you had a great shopping spree. I have the New York shade and love it, although it chips off easily I find, still not bad for free.

  4. Ahh I like those nail varnishes - love the New York shade!

    Good old Primarni, looks like they've got some good stock in at the moment. Might have to have a mosey on down for a look :)


  5. Lovely haul, Love all the clothes you bought and I really want to try some paris hilton nails too, youl have to do a review on them if love to read it :) XO

  6. Ooh you've got some great stuff here :)

    Wish I like Diet Coke - the 'London' shade looks gorgeous..

  7. i want that paris hilton nails too! cant wait for world cup :)

  8. I love the straw clutch.
    it'S so unique! :D


  9. Lol, love the free polishes. Wish they had that here. :D

  10. I must get my hands on them nail varnishes!!
    great haul

  11. @Olivia, I don't mind, haha! I drink too much Diet Coke on a daily basis anyway! ;) xx

    @Leanne, Lash Stiletto is my fave mascara ever!! xx

    @Helen, I am yet to try the nail polishes xx

    @Lauren, gotta love the Primani! xx

    @Hannah, I will do, I'm saving them for a night out in the summer, maybe my boyfriends birthday, but he hates maybe not! xx

  12. Colossal is the best mascara!

  13. Oh! I adore the clothes you got, especially those flats !

  14. Oooh! The nude heels and jelly flats caught my eyes! LOVELY!

    <33 REna


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