Thursday, 27 May 2010

Last Weeks Small Haulage

It's me again, as I'm on a bit of a post roll, I decided to knock this one out as well.

Unfortunately, last week I was so busy with work and birthdays, I didn't get a chance to post my usual Thursday shopping trip haul up, so here it is for you now.

Sunnies, Primark, £1 each

Strapless floral dress, (I absolutely love this, it is gorgeous on) Primark, £5

Cushions, Next, £12 each

Dress, (featuring on my next OOTD) Zara, £19.99

Casual ruched shoulder dress, H&M, £7.99

Loose vest, H&M, £7.99

Hearts St. Georges Flag top, Sainsburys (!), £6

Harem trousers, H&M, can't remember the price of these, sorry!



  1. Those cushions are amazing! Ahh I love buying soft furnishings!

    Sarah x

  2. Great shop. I wanted one of those St George flag t-shirts, but they'd none in my size boo. I have to get something to support England in the footie.

  3. @Sarah, aren't they? They come in all sorts of colours, freem. red, purple, beige! Love 'em!

    @Helen, you must! I am on holiday for the first 2 games, so thought I'd show my support whilst out there! x

  4. I really like that floral dress!! Perfect for the summer :D And it's such a great deal!

  5. I love those harem pants!! :) maybe cuz I have em too hehe they are very fun and comfy to wear!

  6. ohh i wanna go to H&M now .. lol :D
    love ur sunglasses!


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