Monday, 23 November 2009

Win A Years Worth Of Shoes - brought to you by Style Society & Dorothy Perkins

As you all should know I've been working with Dorothy Perkins for the launch of a new site - Style Society, well to celebrate the launch, there is a competition, so I thought I'd give all my readers a heads up. 

For the chance to win a pair of shoes/boots every month for a year enter here

Good luck!


Friday, 20 November 2009

Daily Make Up Survey

1. What time did you do your make up today? Not until about 1pm today as I wasn't starting work until 2.30pm.

2. What's the least expensive beauty item you used? I wore my Natural Collection lipstick in Apple Blossom today, love it!

3. What was the biggest problem you needed to correct? Getting mascara on my nose!

4. Did you apply false eyelashes? Nope.

5. Did you do anything whilst applying make up? No, only make up.

6. Biggest make up mishap today? The nose thing.

7. Did you have any make up inspiration in mind? Nope, was just going for a natural look for work.

8. What was the most time consuming part of your make up routine? Foundation application and blending it in.

9. What part of your routine is the most fun? Blusher because I get to smile whilst applying.

10. What part of your make up makes the biggest difference in the way you look? Mascara without a doubt.

11. Neutral or colourful eyeshadow? I like my peaches, creams and browns, today I wore MAC's Style Snob with a bit of MAC's Grand Entrance in the inner corner.

12. Liquid or mineral foundation?  Liquid - Revlon Colour Stay.

13. Did you do your hair or make up first? Today I actually did my hair first, but it's usually always make up, then hair.

14. Did you pack a make up bag to take with you for the day? No, not today, I just took my lipstick with me.

15. When did you finish your make up? Probably about 1.15pm.


Saturday, 7 November 2009

Style Society - Brought to you by Dorothy Perkins & 25% Off

Hi guys,

I'm back from Paris, it was an awesome trip and I have lots of photographs to share with you when I get a spare few mins. 

For now though I wanted to quickly tell you about something thats been kept a secret for the past couple of months. I was approached my Dorothy Perkins via email saying they were setting up a DP's blogging site and would I like to contribute. Of course I said yes and now finally the site has launched.

The first theme was "Going Out, Staying Out" is all about looking at what makes a night out for females across the globe. There are also videos, exclusive competitions, behind the scenes and lots more to come. 

So go and have a look and be sure to bookmark the site, as it will have blog entries from females all around the world and of course me! 

My piece is called "Oh yes, it's Ladies Night" just incase you couldn't see it.

Finally, there's a VIP week on this week so to get 25%  off everything online tap in DPVIPJ at the checkout!


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Most Worn Tag

Hello guys,

Before I went to Paris I was tagged by the beautiful Chloe at Make-Up Princess to do the most worn tag, I know it's taken me a while, but I've been working a lot recently and really busy. But as it's a horrible rainy Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd give it a go.

The rules are simple, list your most worn:
1) Lipstick/gloss
2) Earrings
3) Shirt/top
4) Nail Polish
5) Shoes
6) Hair product
7) Perfume
8) Bag/purse

And then tag 5 people to do the same and let them know on their blog. 

So here goes...

Lipstick/gloss - Recently I've been wearing MAC's DSquared Nude Rose a lot its the perfect pink for me and I love it, and am thinking about getting a back up I love it that much, although it's now sold out on the website. But if we're talking over a longer period it has to be GOSH Darling (134) 

Earrings - This is a hard one, I mix up my earrings on a daily basis, I've got so many that I wear all the time. Here's a selection of my most worn ones..

Shirt/top - Again another hard one because there are so many and I don't really have a "most worn". At the moment I'm quite into layering as it's getting colder, so I'll wear a plain vest - I have a lot from the H&M range, and I'll layer them with a long cardi. 

Nail polish - I discovered this really cheap one from Boots Natural Collection range, it's £1.70 or something silly like that, it's called Black Cherry and it's the most gorgeous red, I tend to have french tips all through the summer and then in winter I like painting my (fake) nails with dark colours, and this is perfect.

Shoes -  I have a stupid amount of shoes, but I wear my black moc-crock hidden platforms the most when I'm off on a night out. They were from Oasis and cost me £65. They are just the perfect court shoes for jeans or dresses. For day time I love these distressed River Island ankle cowboy boots. Also as it's got freezing outside, I'm probably going to be seen in my UGG boots a lot. I have the full length chestnut ones.

Hair product - There are two and they are both Aussie products. Firstly I use the 3 Min Deep Treatment every time I wash my hair because my hair has been damaged, and I'm trying to get it back into a good condition, I've been using this product for a couple of months and it's working wonders, not to mention it leaves my hair silky soft and smells delicious. I then use the heat protectant before I do anything. Ooh and a last min add on I also like the Batiste Dry
 Shampoo, I have the Blush one and I have occasionally used this on the day I am due to wash my hair instead of actually washing it. It holds out well, but my hair must be washed the next day or later that evening.

Perfume - Ah, an easy one. Without doubt, it has to be Marc Jacobs - Daisy, I have this perfume in all the different bottles it comes in and I love it sooo much. It's my signature scent, and Jack knows whenever I enter the work building because he can smell Daisy!

Bag/purse - My most worn bag of the moment is the Guess bag I got for my birthday, it's moc-crock and patent. I have a thing for big bags and this is a nice size for all my day to day junk. It's a bit of a pain to go shopping with though because it doesn't go over the shoulder it hooks over my arm so when I'm carrying a lot of bags as well as my handbag, it's quite hard work!

I tag anyone that wants to do this tag!