Thursday, 5 November 2009

Most Worn Tag

Hello guys,

Before I went to Paris I was tagged by the beautiful Chloe at Make-Up Princess to do the most worn tag, I know it's taken me a while, but I've been working a lot recently and really busy. But as it's a horrible rainy Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd give it a go.

The rules are simple, list your most worn:
1) Lipstick/gloss
2) Earrings
3) Shirt/top
4) Nail Polish
5) Shoes
6) Hair product
7) Perfume
8) Bag/purse

And then tag 5 people to do the same and let them know on their blog. 

So here goes...

Lipstick/gloss - Recently I've been wearing MAC's DSquared Nude Rose a lot its the perfect pink for me and I love it, and am thinking about getting a back up I love it that much, although it's now sold out on the website. But if we're talking over a longer period it has to be GOSH Darling (134) 

Earrings - This is a hard one, I mix up my earrings on a daily basis, I've got so many that I wear all the time. Here's a selection of my most worn ones..

Shirt/top - Again another hard one because there are so many and I don't really have a "most worn". At the moment I'm quite into layering as it's getting colder, so I'll wear a plain vest - I have a lot from the H&M range, and I'll layer them with a long cardi. 

Nail polish - I discovered this really cheap one from Boots Natural Collection range, it's £1.70 or something silly like that, it's called Black Cherry and it's the most gorgeous red, I tend to have french tips all through the summer and then in winter I like painting my (fake) nails with dark colours, and this is perfect.

Shoes -  I have a stupid amount of shoes, but I wear my black moc-crock hidden platforms the most when I'm off on a night out. They were from Oasis and cost me £65. They are just the perfect court shoes for jeans or dresses. For day time I love these distressed River Island ankle cowboy boots. Also as it's got freezing outside, I'm probably going to be seen in my UGG boots a lot. I have the full length chestnut ones.

Hair product - There are two and they are both Aussie products. Firstly I use the 3 Min Deep Treatment every time I wash my hair because my hair has been damaged, and I'm trying to get it back into a good condition, I've been using this product for a couple of months and it's working wonders, not to mention it leaves my hair silky soft and smells delicious. I then use the heat protectant before I do anything. Ooh and a last min add on I also like the Batiste Dry
 Shampoo, I have the Blush one and I have occasionally used this on the day I am due to wash my hair instead of actually washing it. It holds out well, but my hair must be washed the next day or later that evening.

Perfume - Ah, an easy one. Without doubt, it has to be Marc Jacobs - Daisy, I have this perfume in all the different bottles it comes in and I love it sooo much. It's my signature scent, and Jack knows whenever I enter the work building because he can smell Daisy!

Bag/purse - My most worn bag of the moment is the Guess bag I got for my birthday, it's moc-crock and patent. I have a thing for big bags and this is a nice size for all my day to day junk. It's a bit of a pain to go shopping with though because it doesn't go over the shoulder it hooks over my arm so when I'm carrying a lot of bags as well as my handbag, it's quite hard work!

I tag anyone that wants to do this tag!


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