Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I'm back

Hi guys,

Egypt was pretty amazing. The boy and I had a fabulous time, and we're very sad to be home. The weather was hot, hot, hot as we expected. We took the plunge and made the long journey to Cairo and saw the pyramids, how we could have gone to Egypt and not seen them is beyond me. When I get a chance I'll post up a few of the photographs for you all to have a nose. 

As for duty free...hmmm I didn't quite live up to my promise, I only bought one thing, I would have liked to have bought more, but just didn't really get the chance. So I got ANOTHER bottle of my favourite perfume, Marc Jacobs Daisy, this is my 4th bottle since November, ooops. I think maybe I should start to be a bit more sparing with the stuff. 

Since I've been back I've treated myself to quite a bit of make up, so as soon as it's all delivered I'll do a haul for you. For now though, I better go because it's my first day back at work today, which is just no fun at all.



  1. aww glad you had fun! PICTURES? :)

  2. Hi I'm a new follower. =]

    My cousin went on a trip to Egypt a few months ago and she had a great time too. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Can't wait to see your pictures. =]


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